Cool idea for npcs and trash mobs



Hey there, just wanted to share this idea I had after listening to Hankerin talk about his experiences at the con in AZ. We like using minis but it is kind of a pain to have all the kinds of baddies (not to mention regular npcs) painted up and stored.

I am also a patreon of a paper mini created but even that seemed like too much work. So I got the idea of punching out the images (or common magic cards I had lying around) and gluing them to 1” wooden bases and I’m super happy with the result.

I’m probably not the first to come up with this idea, but I’m certainly the most excited at the moment! It’s posted next to a Normal sized mini for comparison.



This is a great idea and a fantastic way to reuse all those useless cards lying around, haha.


Otherwise just use a printer to get the image. Tokens FTW!


Yep, great idea! They store easily and it’s no big deal if they get destroyed since you can just crank out more.