Converting classic D&D monsters to ICRPG?


Got it. The PDF did drop I think last week on DriveThruRPG here:

If you still want to wait, those pages did get shared on Patreon:


oh wow! time flies! I completely missed it, thank you for the link. I’ll go grab it now.


Simple: the Owlbear has a formula that you can see 5D10+25

The Hit Die is the “level” of the monster and the “25” you see is from its Constitution bonus. In the parenthesis next to it you can see the average HP that Owlbear have.

Here’s a bunch of stuff you can do, in no particular order:

  • You can translate average into Hearts, in this case five Hearts.
  • Or directly translate HD to Hearts, five Hearts again.
  • +1 Hearts for every 10 points in Constitution ability score if you want.
  • Assign Hearts using the size of the creature plus something-something related to its Constitution.

Up to you, really. :3


Could you share the template? I’d love to use it!


Baller, thank you! Quick and easy.


It’s a Word doc, the font for the names is called “Dwarves”, I can’t remember where I found it. Hopefully this link works. Download and go nuts!


And here’s a filled out stat block for Orcs and Ogres.


Thanks a whole lot! I’ll be looking at 'em!