Content creation


I feel like I need to throw this out there — the Runehammer YouTube channel has spent a lot of time teaching us how to make stuff - even digital stuff. He has given us templates for crying out loud!

We are encouraged, and equipped, to be creative. I don’t think anyone should feel like they have to write “I hope this is okay” when sharing their creations and links to those creations. Nor should they be unfairly judged for such actions when attempting to sell their stuff.

We should exist as a community of creators. If you have an issue with something someone makes, don’t be passive aggressive about it. Message them on how they can make it better or why what they did bothers you. It doesn’t always have to be public displays.

I really do believe a lot of people are here to get better at their craft and they would appreciate the constructive input. To those of you who have taken the risk of putting your work out their since my last post concerning a “call to action,” I am stoked! There is so much stuff being made and I love it!!

I am personally thankful for that. I can’t do the tombs anymore and think our community is slowly changing the face of what a usable RPG looks like.

I am excited for 2020!

Game on.

Last thing — the only time I will slam you is if you share core rules that aren’t in the free version because our goal with what we make is to guide them back to the source :slight_smile:


Super strongly agree!! I love this community, their support, and their creativity! However, I have read a couple comments that come across as “judgy” on people’s posts and it is unfortunate, especially if the true intention was helpful criticism. So I back this 100%. I don’t comment a whole lot, but I absolutely love checking in multiple times a day and seeing all of the contributions people are throwing out there for free or paid use. It’s exciting to be part of a creative and positive community for a change.


Explicitly stating this is good, and it’s also the case that this message will be lost to time as new members join the forums. New folks aren’t likely to search for “am I allowed to post links to my DriveThruRPG or Patreon pages?” Many of them will be eager to share in an effort to affirm their place in the tribe; and they will likely do so timidly at first, until they gain some real sense of connection to the larger group and its norms.

So while I agree with you 100%, I also think it’s important that long-time members of the forum (of which I do not yet count myself) have an equal obligation to continue to publicly (and privately, as needed) express support and welcoming affirmations of the creations that newbies share.



As a newbie, I can attest to this haha. I took up @BigGrump’s call to action and took the plunge to release two adventures in PDF form (one on my own and one as a community effort).

From those two experiences, I do feel like I’ve gained a more settled place in the tribe and would highly recommend any newcomer to participate in the activities of the forum and contribute what they can. But I also know that without help from more experienced members, I’d never be able to figure all the ins and outs of this incredibly awesome shield wall.


Thanks @BigGrump for the better articulated message. And the call to action from a few months back.

It sparked even me to start learning some tools and pursue a few creative endeavors.

At the moment it doesn’t amount to much more than tracing and figuring out what does what…but it’s the beginning of something.

Yup @Runehammer Has done more than enough to push us in creating our own stuff, and oddly around him a community formed of people who like to create their own stuff.

The different flavors of that should be celebrated and encouraged as best we can. Fostered and such.
Then us amateurs can go out to the real world with new skills and tools, and look at the world a bit differently, the ‘Oh, that’s how that was done’ alone is worth learning as much as you can about everything…and you really learn when you have a project in mind and no idea on how to achieve it.


I re-read my post. I also want to say that I don’t take credit for stirring people up to make stuff. Some of the stuff that was released was clearly being worked on long before I made that post.

I also was in no way the first person to put something on drive thru for ICRPG apart from Runehammer. Others with what I deem better content than my own did that long before I got interested.

I think it is important to remember the strength of a shield wall - we have to trust the people holding the line with us.

Otherwise you just create an environment where less people want to even attempt standing against the tide and that’s like high school bully lameness.

Anyways - I personally am now gong to attempt a rewrite of my adventure after getting some ideas from others and also discovering a better method after my own roll20 learning session.

I still haven’t fully found my style and I have some things I want to tweak but I think I am close. I owe a lot of that to this group making me go “oh that’s cool” or “that gives me an idea.”

Happy Halloween everyone! My costume is a home made wanka bar.


I’m very new here but I am also very excited to create stuff. It’s funny I haven’t ever thought of myself as any sort of a game creator but I’m having so much fun delving into the ICRPG stuff. I have a ton of ideas so hopefully I’ll get some of this stuff put together in the coming month or so and set up some one shots to test play some things.


@skippy you have 100% earned your stripes because there aren’t any. Longevity does not = privilege. That mindset is sometimes where animosity first comes from. “How dare they do that on my site!” In my opinion the only one who needs to say what is not allowed is the forum bosses; the rest of us should be here to provide the content and support the content creators. Regardless of the amount of time we invest here.

So even my post isn’t law since I have no say. Call this a reminder to being cool in your responses and to keep bringing the content you might be hesitant about getting out there; this is a safe place.


I second our loveable @BigGrump’s sentiment. There’s no time requirement or rite of passage or silly dance needed to be part of the tribe. If you’re here, whether you post or just read, you are part of this tribe. That’s it. :blush: Unless you act like a dick, hehe.

If you’re here (and you don’t treat people like garbage), I love you and you’re part of the tribe, that’s what inclusive means to me. :metal::heart::+1: