Conflicting results of purchase



Hi, I’m new here and have recently purchased ICRPG master edition via Amazon. I brought it from Amazon cause the delivery fees to my country was cheaper compare to others.

But, as I’ve purchased from Amazon, I did not get any PDF stuff that I saw from other sites. I recalled that I saw that I could get stuff like character miniature print outs that I can print and cut it out and make into paper miniatures. Also something like previous campaigns. I’ve asked in reddit but gotten different answers. Some says that they gotten a pdf version of second edition instead. So, I gotten kind of confused, maybe I misread something.

Am I able to get these pdfs somehow? Or do I need to purchase them? Thank you very much for any respond.


See this thread and enjoy!


Wha…holy. I thought I was just asking for some printable diy minis. This is more than that. Thank you so much.


Welcome to ICRPG/Runehammer! Just one of the reasons this game/community is so good :+1:

STR+HON+BEER :fist::beer:


Enjoy! And welcome to the shield wall!


Thank you for this. I’m in the same boat, just picked up the core book from Amazon and came looking for the pdf’s if available.

What a fantastic community.