Community set of URBAN/MODERN index cards



i’m glad i got scared off from attempting a crashed car.

Excellent stuff Kane


Man, I’ve got to get on this. I have been too preoccupied with my tokens lately. Hopefully I can get something together for this soon.


Yes please. If I have to bribe you with hero coins, I will! :wink:


This is just what I need, is it possible to buy that pack of index cards somewhere? ^^


Once we get to 100 cards, I’ll be compiling them all into a printable PDF for the community. I’m not sure how that pack will be shared yet, though. I’ll have to confer with all the contributing artists and make sure we all on the same page, whether that’s putting it up on DriveThruRPG or sharing it in something like Google Drive.

Hopefully your interest won’t have to wait too much longer :smiley:



@Abodi, I just noticed the Perlando Industries logo on the camera. That’s such a great detail! :herocoin:


Quick and dirty.


This is great @rpgerminator! Thanks for adding it to the set. I immediately think that this would not only be a great physical element but a fantastic plot device in session development to encourage a change of pace. :herocoin:




This is really cool. I would love a FAST Version as well!


Super easily edited in paint dood


I know that there is already a radiation area but a radioactive toxic barrel seemed like an interesting subject.


I wouldn’t even trust moving that barrel either. It looks like it is in bad shape.



Oh man these pics are gold! Gold!


Thanks, it’s been fun doing them and i’m learning a lot.



You are on a roll today @Abodi!


HAHA I had the ideas for the container ship and arcade yesterday and spent several hours on the ship last night and then time procrastinating this mornining on the arcade.

I’m interested: How long does it take people to do their cards on average?
I’m doing this almost entirely mouse based and i’m going to say it’s taking me somewhere on the average of 2-2.5 hours. I’m likely being horribly inefficient with how i go about it.