Community set of URBAN/MODERN index cards



do not feel the need to use any of these, i’m not an artist but just having a bit of fun on the computer.
Here is something to resemble Construction

Also happy to take any constructive criticism

Edit: Appreciate the feedback. I took another stab at it. Drawing over parts of the vector art.


Personally, I think it’s great and it’s totally going into the collection! Really clean lines/shapes, very clear subject matter, and it invokes a scene in my mind while still being flexible, as any index card should :smiley:

If I were to say anything, you could consider varying the line weight. I think this would fall under Runehammer’s idea that you draw over it twice and fill in the gaps, providing opportunity for thick and thin lines. But that is a really superficial critique. If you’re happy with it, than that’s what matters :herocoin:


Yeah I tried a little but failed. That said other then the dirt On the bucket it is all fully vector drawn so maybe I’ll take a stab at the lines again.


Ahahaha I see what you did there!



Here are four NPCs and if my count is right, we’ve broken through the 1/3rd point. Only 2/3rds more to go! Woot!

#32 The Smuggler

#33 The Biker Girl

#34 The Businessman

#35 The Archaeologist


Great work, I especially like the last one.


My first primarily raster image attempt, i’m really quite happy with it though that is not to say its good.


First attempt at a bust


Wow, that looks amazing :money_mouth_face:


Thanks Kingroy. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
I like Kane’s better as they feel much more artistic in style.


Drawing of the day!


Very nice! I’ve really enjoyed these last couple drawings @Abodi :herocoin:

What a coincidence though cuz I just sat down to work on a few more cards :smiley:


Can’t wait to see what you come up with. we can’t be too far from 40 now.


Definitely. I’m pushing for 50 at the moment :smiley:


so i’m procrastination and did another one that was rattling around in my head.


You’ll need to update the list in the OP.


Dang. I love this one. Please keep procrastinating :slight_smile:

I plan to update it once we hit 50. Alex told me that I’m limited to like 35 total edits on a single post, so I’m spreading them out as I go along.


i really can’t do another one now. but i do love this one of yours and i can’t put my finger on why


Okay, I’ve powered through a bunch and stockpiled them for a single a post, but we’ve officially hit 50 cards! Woot!

Thanks so much for all the help and now we’re on the final half, so please keep the contributions coming and even if you can only submit one card, that gets us closer to the 100 card goal.

I’m so excited!!!

#37 Car Chase

#38 BOOM!

#39 Motorcycle

#40 Bomb

#42 Quarantine Zone

#43 Radiation Area

#44 Restricted Area

#46 Car Wreck

#48 Knife in a Watermelon

#49 Broken Glasses

#50 Door Ajar