Community set of URBAN/MODERN index cards



Fantastic work, so evocative.


We’re getting closer and closer to 100 cards (22 out of 100) :smiley: Here are three more from me. I think I’ll work on a few more Megacorps logos to include next.

#13 Prison Cell

#14 Nektar Biotech Megacorps Logo

#15 Top Secret Folders


I wanted to contribute to the community despite my lack of drawing skill.


@Fork this awesome! Thank you for contributing! :herocoin: I think it’s a perfect addition to the set. Is there subject matter that you enjoy drawing? I really struggle with creatures and most living things so I’ve been leaning towards objects.


@KaneDriscol I really love drawing original characters. Suck at anatomy though and couldn’t draw an animal to save my life. Recently I’ve been having fun drawing urban streets from reference and objects too.





What do you mean by original characters? Like the one on your profile? I know this set of cards could use some kind of “NPCs” to interact with. What do you think would be good to include?


I just mean I mostly draw people like my D&D characters, vampires, and stuff. My profile pic is actually a Picrew. For NPC’s maybe a street kid, drug dealer, owner of a pawn shop, or Librarian. I think you could get away with just drawing a bunch of faces though. There’s a page in Black Hack 2e that’s just portraits of distinctive people. GM’s can decide who they actually are.


Here are two more MegaCorps logos:

#16 Azonix

#17 Perlando Industries


I’m getting ready to run a modern day game and your cards are clutch right now. I can’t find good modern day assets anywhere. Thank you!


Glad to hear it! When you do, please share how you use them. I’d love to see them in action. I’m super stoked for this project to be completed and to have a full set. I know there is a few more locations that I’m planning on doing and then hopefully we can get a few “NPC”-esque cards and maybe even a few cards to represent enemies or villains. I think that would be awesome! All a matter of time :wink:


Great effort
Has anyone compiled these into one folder???


Thank you! It’s been great to see this community’s art work. As for a folder, once we get to 100 cards, I plan on formatting a pdf for release.


#18 Gunshot


I love this so much! I was just brainstorming a few days ago about this sort of thing for a modern paranormal (Ghostbusters… It was Ghostbusters and I’ll admit it proudly) type of game, but then remembered I can’t draw to save my life lol.


Thanks! This has been a lot of fun and as I hear more about the types of games people are playing, I’m hoping to fill some of the gaps of all the great suggestions people have made so far. I know we won’t be able to capture every use case, since these index cards are meant to paint broad strokes, but we can do our best :smiley:


Haha me neither, i’m jealous of all the talent on display in these forums


card suggestion: Thugs: black silhouette of a bunch of thugs holding weapons.

Edit: Actually i might do it.



That’s awesome! I like the gang :herocoin:


Thanks. I think they turned out pretty well.