Community set of URBAN/MODERN index cards







This is a freakin awesome idea, I’ll see what I can come up with!


I love the perspective on this card. It makes me feel like I’m at street level, looking up. Brilliant!

  1. A taxi: handy to get around
  2. Rough sleepers around a fire barrel
  3. A pigeon
  4. Rats
  5. Steam
  6. An overflowing dumpster
  7. A cop car
  8. A barricaded street
    17.A bodega
  9. A hot dog cart
  10. A rainy night with skyscrapers
  11. The park
  12. a rough sleeper on a park bench
  13. An alley
  14. A key
  15. Shell casings
  16. a syringe
  17. pills
  18. a smartphone
  19. a TV showing an anchor with a breaking story
  20. a news van
  21. a duffle bag full of guns
  22. A duffle bag full of cash
  23. A pile of duffle bags
  24. Shipping containers
  25. A forklift
  26. A crane
  27. A demonstration
  28. A doorway with a sliding Judas hole. Password, please.
  29. Ambulance

  • A seedy trailer park

  • A busy hospital

  • A citizen who looks vaguely werewolfish

  • A seedy bar

  • A modern church with Gothic architecture

  • A citizen who looks vaguely like The Crow… with crows hanging around

  • A Megacorporation Headquarters

  • City Hall

  • A packed court room

  • The Docks

  • The Airport

  • A shadowy citizen with cybernetic augmentations and glowing eyes

  • A citizen who looks vaguely ghoulish… perhaps the cemetery’s groundskeeper

  • Police cruisers on the move with full lights and sirens


#5 KEY: It certainly goes to something…but what?


I’ll try to contribute soon.


#5 PILLS (I won’t let you win by the amount @KaneDriscol :slight_smile: )


#6 BREAKING NEWS (@Krzysiek_Jeczala, competitive motivation. I like it! :wink: )




Hey everyone? You are all so cool and I wish I had the talent you all do.

Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.




Here are two more and I’ll have more by the end of the weekend. I appreciate everyone’s interest and support in this project. We’re up to 15 cards (85 to go :wink:). I can’t wait to see more suggestions and more cards created by the community :smile:




My skills are not up to this, what you have done is aces.


Thanks and no worries, @Chaosmeister! Maybe you can help out by suggesting some more card ideas? I’ve been slowly working through the list of what was suggested above, but could always use some more ideas. I’ve been racking my brain but keep coming back to basic stuff haha.

Anyway, here are two more cards:




That I can :slight_smile:

  • Neon Bar Sign
  • Bloody Knife
  • Hot Dog Stand
  • Diner
  • Balloon Vendor
  • Construction Site
  • Junk Yard
  • Hospital
  • Police Station
  • Prison
  • Mall
  • Pantomime
  • Street Performer
  • Graffiti Artist / Graffiti
  • Baby Carriage
  • Dumpster
  • Piles of Boxes
  • Trashed Vehicle
  • Burning Building
  • Building covered due to exterminators
  • Handcuffs
  • Bank





@LoRd_pYrO these are amazing! Very evocative! :herocoin: Thank you for contributing and I hope we’ll get to see more :smiley:


Dang! After seeing all the black and white images that red blood is a real standout!