Community set of URBAN/MODERN index cards



There has been some chatter about creating some more index cards and @Andreas had the great idea of putting it to the community. We have a fantastic community of creatives and this would be a wonderful opportunity to contribute.

The general idea is that anyone who would like to contribute could draw an index card within the URBAN/MODERN theme. These could go great with games like BearCats or Vigilante City (or any modern games you might be playing). We’ll then compile them together for the community.

I’ve put together a couple of templates that you can use. So far I have files for Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Photoshop, a PDF, and a jpg. Hopefully, these can let you focus on the art.

Template Files

Index Cards are such a fantastic resource because they are more than just monsters or characters or items. Each index card can represent an idea and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways and are only limited by your imagination. I’m going to pull out my tablet and get to work brainstorming!

List of URBAN/MODERN cards so far + artist

  1. THE METRO: It may not be the cleanest, but the public train is the fastest way to get around town. - Kane
  2. TRUSTY BACKPACK: If there is one thing you can rely on, it’s your backpack. It’s seen its fair share adventures. - Kane
  3. SEMI-TRUCK: Sometimes you just need a really, really big truck. -Krzysiek_Jeczala
  4. SKYSCRAPERS: Pillars of concrete, glass, and metal pierce the sky. - Krzysiek_Jeczala
  5. DRAIN: A metal grain that connects to the sewers. - Krzysiek_Jeczala
  6. TUNNEL ENTRANCE: There is only one way to find out where it leads. - Krzysiek_Jeczala
  7. MYSTERIOUS MEETING: A shadowy figure just waiting under a flickering streetlight. - Kane
  8. FINGERPRINT: It appears the culprit left something behind. - Kane
  9. KEY: It certainly goes to something… but what? - Kane
  10. PILLS: Do you have a prescription for those? - Kryzsiek_Jeczala
  11. BREAKING NEWS: We’re sorry to interrupt this current adventure with a breaking news story - Kane
  12. POLICE CAR: Duck and cover! It’s the fuzz! - Kane
  13. CRIME SCENE: What happened here?- Kane
  14. AMBULANCE: A trip in one of these might cost you an arm and a leg - Kane
  15. OPEN MANHOLE COVER: Watch your step. - Kane
  16. STACKS OF CASH: It’s all about the money. - Kane
  17. PRESS CONFERENCE: In just a few moments, we’ll be hearing from a very important person. - Kane
  18. BLOODY KNIFE: The blood is still fresh. -LoRd_pYrO
  19. HANDCUFFS: Slap some cuffs on 'em and take them away. - LoRd_pYrO
  20. PRISON CELL: Locked away, there’s not much to do but plot and wait. - KANE
  21. NEKTAR BIOTECH: Specializing in biological marvels to make the gods jealous. - Kane
  22. TOP SECRET FOLDERS: Stashed away in a pile of papers are things for your eyes only. - Kane
  23. HOMELESS PERSON: Everyone is a little down on their luck somtimes. - Fork
  24. DUMPSTER: They’ve seen more trash than you ever will. - LoRd_pYrO
  25. SHELL CASINGS: The only evidence left behind by an unknown shooter - LoRd_pYrO
  26. AZONIX: Those guys work for Azonix, but we just call them 'nixers. - Kane
  27. PERLANDO INDUSTRIES: The pearl among swine, creating the greatest tech the world has ever seen. - Kane
  28. GUNSHOT: The explosive sound of a gunshot is unmistakable. - Kane
  29. GANG THUGS: These are the last people you want to meet in a dark alley. - Abodi
  30. CONSTRUCTION: There always to be some kind of work going on in the city - Abodi
  31. MOTEL: A place to lay low, set up a sting, or just catch up on some sleep - Abodi
  32. THE SMUGGLER: “My specialty is flying under the radar“ - Kane
  33. BIKER GIRL: - Kane
  36. HOLE: - Abodi
  37. STREET GUY: - Abodi
  38. GUN TABLE: - Abodi
  39. SURVEILLANCE: - Abodi
  40. CAR CHASE: - Kane
  41. BOOM: - Kane
  42. MOTORCYCLE: - Kane
  43. BOMB: - Kane
  45. RADIATION AREA: - Kane
  47. CAR WRECK: - Kane
  49. BROKEN GLASSES: - Kane
  50. DOOR AJAR: - Kane


I’d love to borrow my pen for this idea! Just one question - do we make the finished works available here or in a designated cloud?


My intention is to eventually compile all the cards into a printable PDF and then release that as a whole. In the mean time, you are welcome to upload the card here or message me or whatever works for you. I’m flexible and if you have a preference, I can totally set something up.

Side note: I’m working on a public train card. What ideas are you thinking?


We also need a catchy name for the pack. Something with city, streets, glass, asphalt, skyscrapers, etc. Ideas?


@Andreas what about Skylines?


I dig it. Nice double entendre!


  1. THE METRO: It may not be the cleanest, but the public train is the fastest way to get around town.


this is an amazing idea!


  1. TRUSTY BACKPACK: If there is one thing you can rely on, it’s your backpack. It’s seen its fair share adventures.


This is so cool! I would join in, but unfortunately I don’t have access/ability to get online art tools. I can stick to traditional pen & paper though!


That would be awesome! I have no problem including pen and paper contributions.


So I start my promised contribution to this project :). May the spirit of DYI RPG live forever ( @Runehammer , come on! Draw something with us. Just one card :wink: )


:herocoin: Super cool card @Krzysiek_Jeczala! Can’t wait to see more :wink: I added it to the top post so everyone can see your contribution.


#2 from me before i’ll go to bed. Sky Scrapers


I :heart: you people so damn much. This is awesome.


And we love you @Lon :wink:! Want to add a card into the mix?


I don’t art well, unfortunately. But I was looking at some of the options for using a pen and ink filter on a photo I took. If that would be acceptable, I’ll throw one in the mix for sure.


We can always give it a try and see how it turns out :smile: But if you’d rather, I recall you being pretty well versed in Vigilante City and maybe you could provide some suggestions on what types of cards would be really useful to include in the set?


#3 from me. DRAIN