Community ICRPG Halloween Dungeon?



I hadn’t given it any thought yet but I entirely agree! All of your suggestions sound awesome! I would love it to fit in any genre since that was part of our end goal.

Something about breaking the cycle or the impending doom throughout the ages… hmm… I’ll think on it.


i definitely agree that it should fit with any genre. a little well aimed vagueness could be helpful in this title. it would help to drive the mystery :wink:


We also need a piece of kickass title art. i just threw this together, but if anyone else wants to try their hand at making a “poster” for the adventure feel free :slight_smile: i just felt inspired to try something out real quick. Also, if we decide on a different title but we want to use this cover i can take the lettering out real easy, this was just a place holder


Also here is a version of the art with stars to sell the space factor, though i dunno if we necessarily want to do that. but i kinda like the cosmic horror, house stuck outside of time idea


i like it very much!


I’d go with that, to be honest!! :smiley:


Hey everyone, we are getting so very close to the end of this beautiful mission!

Looking into the google doc I am seeing that there are still some spots that say it is a draft. If I may please issue a friendly challenge to the folks involved? Can we each take some time to review our sections, submit any clarifications, and try to get those drafts finalized?

Also, anyone who hasn’t submitted their section yet, please feel free to reach out if you would like some help. I would love it if we can officially set a release date this adventure. It is so cool so far, and I feel like if we each took a few minutes to just polish everything up we can have something beautiful ready for the lumpy heads in time for the holiday!

All Hallows’ eve is just around the corner, let’s not allow it to sneak up on us like all of the terrifying monsters the cherished holiday represents.

As always, stay spooky out there folks. I am so proud to be part of this amazing and creative community!


Aye aye! I know what I’ll be doing this evening.


Oh! I didn’t know I had to look that up! I’ll do that tomorrow! :smiley: Thanks for telling me!


beyond the lock and key is a good name for any setting, but I love the Calamity at Guilfoyle Manor. The Gate of Guilfoyle Manor?


Let’s make it a series:

Beyond the Lock & Key:
Calamity at Guilfoyle Manor!

(Part 1: The Gate of Guilfoyle Manor?)


Where do I see what I need to edit? :open_mouth:


i think we can cook the title a bit longer til everything comes together.


Sure, I like the idea of an annual series, tho!! :smiley:


Alright I’ve gone through and added a Treats section to my opening portion of the adventure. Included a few simple activity rolls to get people into the Half-Light Festival and offer a treat early on.


There are a couple classic Half Light Festival games that can win the team some interesting treats:

  • Pumpkin Toss: Make a STR check to toss a heavy pumpkin up onto a vertical log. The goal is to toss the pumpkin and have it land on top without falling off. Players can opt into a HARD check by tossing a heavier pumpkin and receive the bonus prize (only one is available).
    • Basic Prize: A Bag of Pumpkin Seeds (FOOD, 3 Uses) Heal 1 HP per use or can be used to revive a DYING character.
    • Bonus Prize: Pumpkin Cloak (+1 ARMOR). A dyed cloak of the richest pumpkin orange, with a leafy-green cowl.
  • Spear the Apple: Make a DEX check to spear an apple tossed towards you. Players may opt into a HARD check by attempting to spear a grape and receive a bonus prize (only one is available).
    • Basic Prize: A Bag of Dried Apples (Food, 3 Uses) Heal 1 HP per use or can be used to +1 a single DEX check or attempt per use.
    • Bonus Prize: Apple Pendant (+1 CHA) A pendant bearing a bronze apple with a ruby red stain glass inlay.

I do think that we should aim to finish this adventure up in the next few days so we can have time to format everything and release a completed adventure by OCT 20.

Do you guys think that’s feasible?


that sounds perfect. it will be released with enough time for a GM to read up and prepare their table for a Halloween Game night.I just went in the google doc and spiced up a few things. i might add a couple more details to notice to my “it gets worse” segment, but other than that i think im all good.


yeah we might get this done


Anything left for me to do? :smiley:


As far as i know, I think it’s just @Hans-Arsch and @Kingroy23 who have sections left to submit and then we are all good to go. I am thinking of drawing up a game map for my 2 rooms, or maybe some monster art for the sections or something but i dont know if that is something we all wanna consider doing. I have juat been in an artsy mood do to this inktober challenge


We all commission a piece of art from Hank together! :smiley: