Community ICRPG Halloween Dungeon?



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It gets worse! So… so much worse! Probably just before the end of your shift!

It begins with the fall into a hole. A nasty, dirty, wet hole… not some fantastic, ideal hole! The PCs are the one falling throught it. And it doesn’t lead to a nice place!

Wherever the floor snaps beneath the characters’ feet, remember that suffering & pain are challenges for the players to overcome: misery-p*rn is just another form of railroading that leaves a bad taste in the players’ mouths…

The Fall!

  • It must be brutal! No check, no save: in a wide radius around their characters, the planks crack!
  • Every player must roll to half the damage from bouncing off of walls. Once or twice!
  • The PCs are PULLED down by something… which must make the fall feel brutal even if it isn’t from too far down. And yet, something must be messing with their perception…
  • The party crash lands into a pile of fragile skeletons…

The derelict basement.
The whole truth: the pile of dead skeletons are who pulled our heroes down… they want revenge, justice… closure. Death came to all… all the men and women the creature lying here has been experimenting upon to unlock the key!

Layout of the derelict basement:

  • There are four, very small rooms…
  • There is a bathroom in which all the things to get are.
  • The repository is where the monster peeps from the frame at the beginning of the encounter and where the stairs to get back into the mansion are…
  • The main room is where the players fall in. This place is the laboratory and someone is strapped to a chair with a bag over his head. Plenty of alchemical and alien, electrical devices are set up here…
    *There is a locked bedroom with a few people from neighboring villages/dimensions in chains…

The monster: Aegaeon, grows a screaming head and an additional arm every timer which allows him to gain even more attacks. Be bold: make the players flee into the bathroom once the battle becomes desperate, it’s the only place they can hide to plan their next move! Beforehand, tho, build up the horror of a strange, burnt creature peeking from the corner of the door frame, it’s eyes shimmering in the darkness with malevolent intent… you all know what I’m talking about: when you’re too damn tired and you see eyes throught windows or where the faintest light might come from…

  • Threat: Aegaeon.
  • Timer: a skull and an arm disappear from the pile of skeletons: Aegaeon grows a new, howling head with empty eyes and a flailing arm to attack the PCs!
  • Treats: in the wrecked toilet is a mixture of blood and elixir that can be refined using the alchemical equipement on the tables. This can heal most wounds and rejuvenate someone: the exact opposite of that Aegaeon wants to do!

A small statue to some ancient goddess of fertility, broken… but still holds magical power against the dark ones! It has one charge: plants spew forth from the statue to do pretty much anything fantasy plants can do! Root an enemy, slow it’s movement or turn a part of it into a plant…

My final gift to the players is a photo locket of the man bound on the chair. It has been thrown against a wall, bounced to the floor and broken… While it may be of use during combat, I would keep it for the conversation that will most likely ensue when the players (hopefully) beat Aegaeon and free the people of the basement.

The main in the chair is being pumped chemicals into the head while shocks boil the disgusting mixtures over his brain! Bad checks could leave the man with scars and even sequels, but he must survive! So that he may tell the party about the horrible experiments done onto him and the people brought from somewhere else in an attempt by the monster to create a key out of people. To unlock what? Who knows? The last man who was bound to this chair, however, has been brought away just a couple of hours ago. Perhaps it isn’t too late to save him either?

But, fortunately, perhaps those experiments weren’t in vain, to a degree, as this man could be the way to let out those poor, starving people back home… while the heroes climb the stairs once more, into mansion… :smiling_imp:


cool Room, Mate! Get a Resident Evil Vibe here :wink:


And without ever playing the games! Haha! Thanks a lot! I just wanted this room to be horrific!! :smiley:


The goddess of fertility may have some links as to how the plants grew unchecked and gained sentience in the Potting House


Oh it definitely is! I think it’s a great addition and things most certainly get worse haha


I was trying to go for that to a degree but didn’t want to make it explicit!
Same thing with the “key”. That creature is trying to make its own in hopes of accelerating the process of opening that darn dimensional door! The hostage might be it or might just be a tool to help further the plans of the evil ones!

I’m glad you guys like it! :smiley:


How many more sections are left?


I believe three more. Sections 6,8, and 9


@BlazingPolyhedron do you feel like your “it gets worse” is more closely connected with the potting room or the library? i will base my section off of the other one to make sure i dont step on toes here.


I have an idea!

but… I can’t access the doc. Would you mind giving me editing permissions?



Very excited to see your idea! I just sent you a message so you can edit the document.


Sorry for the slow answer, I am always off during weekends as I work the night shift and have D&D games! XP


Hey Everyone! Just following up. Is everybody doing ok on this? Any roadblocks? We’re super close to finishing out the community dungeon and I’m super excited for it haha!


I’m excited to see this all wrapped up as well! I may even print and drop a few in trick or treaters bags.


I’ve done my part but I am still open to brainstorming and helping out!! :smiley:
Keep at it, team, we’re almost done!! :smiley:


i just dropped my second section into the discord channel. sorry it took me so long… life kinda got crazy there for a minute.


I apologize for delaying my part. I promise I’ll try to put up a draft by this weekend.


I understand that, no worries! Happy that you’re adding to this epic dungeon! :smiley:


Hey everyone, i have been super psyched about this adventure and i had a real quick question. Do we have a title for this adventure yet? I was thinking something like “The Doom that befell the Desolate Mansion” or “The Calamity at Guilfoyle Manor” or “Beyond the Gate and Key”… something that sounds super lovecraftian… mysterious, spooky, and/ or thought provoking. i would love to hear your thoughts on what we should call this otherworldly eldritch encounter… we are so close to being finished we can and WILL pull this off!