Community ICRPG Halloween Dungeon?



Ok everyone! I think I’ve got this worked out. I put everyone’s name into a bowl and had another bowl with the 9 parts of CORE 2e, story architecture. I then pulled out a name and a number to match up assignments. I then made a second set of names and then matched them up with the remaining numbers. This is what it turned out to be:

  1. Stakes & Setup: @KaneDriscol
  2. Get There: @skippy
  3. Meet the Enemy: @TheWunderLich
  4. Skill Check: @KaneDriscol
  5. Skill Check: @Angram091
  6. It gets Worse: @TheWunderLich
  7. It gets Worse: @BlazingPolyhedron
  8. Resolution: @Kingroy23
  9. Return: @Hans-Arsch

If any of you are unhappy or uncomfortable with what you’ve been randomly assigned, just let me know. I would be happy to rearrange however is needed. Once assignments are settled upon, are we all good to work in isolation and see what madness incurs or do we want to collaborate and work methodically? I think we can all agree the @skippy’s write up is a great place setting for this adventure, right?

Thanks again for your interest in this project :smiley:


Oooh! I get to introduce the BBEG?! That’s awesome


I’m down for anything here! Working in isolation for the problems (items 4+) seem great. I think I might need to collaborate with you to make sure that #1 and #2 flow together in a sane way, though.


I agree, I think once the “first act”(items 1-3) is established the rest will work out well. To help me figure out how to reveal our nemesis what theme were we thinking? Cosmic horror, time travel, ghosts and apparitions, vampires, mad scientists, a diabolical cult? I feel like with your fantastic set up any of those options could be super fun and exciting to pull off.


That makes a lot of sense. I’d be happy to collaborate @skippy!

From your list, I like the idea of cosmic horror, ghosts, and time travel (I never would have considered Time Travel as a flavor of horror, but you have me intrigued!). You could also consider some sort of ancient curse?


I love me some eldritch monstrosities, so cosmic horror gets my vote! But I’m just as happy with a Halloween-themed ruckus with skeletons, ghosts, and a vampire or lich. Cultists work with both of those themes just as well, so no reason not to have some of them in the mix somewhere.

You’re the one making the BBEG, so you tell us! :grinning:


That sounds good to me too, the Cthulu Mythos is my favorite kind of fiction out of all the options I gave, I just didn’t want to blindly pick without consulting the group since, in my opinion, this is a democracy :smile: also, I feel like perhaps wrapping time travel into the mythos would make for a fun twist. Those eldritch horrors do seem to operate in more dimensions than we can comprehend :wink:


BTW Lon put this out on the forums if you haven’t seen it yet Lon on Horror Gaming: The First Crucial Element

I have a feeling this could be a very useful resource in the coming weeks!

Also, my next question is how do we proceed in the planning stage? Do we want to do it here in this thread where all the cool folks here can see it, though potentially that could leave spoilers. We could also do it in private messages here on the forums or a discord group if we want to keep everything a surprise until we are ready to show the world at large.


I like the idea of keeping everything a surprise, especially for those of us working on Acts 2 & 3. If we’re all on Discord that could work.


I hope to be up to the test.
Must confess I don’t have Discord installed, so PlayStore here we go


Me either. I just use the browser version, but if you’re getting it I’ll follow along haha


I’m on the Runehammer Discord, same username.

My email address is my username at my username dot net, should that be a convenient way to collaborate, as well.


Hey all, i know we had talked about using discord so i went ahead and made a channel for our community dungeon. here is the link


You guys go ahead, I’ll remain on the forums. XP


WOW this Idea just explodes. Have to read everything first. Wasnt online a few days xD


Okay, i read all of your awesomeness above and i can’t wait to see what madness will be the outcome of this ^^


Totally fine @BlazingPolyhedron. You still game to develop one of the It Gets Worse pieces, if I private message you Act I once it has been finalized?


I would like to help out with this. From a quick over view it seems like we each work on one room/encounter then will find a way to tie them together correct?


We’d be happy to have you! That just about sums it up. Wunderlich set up a Discord server to help those of us assigned to Act I (1-3) to coordinate and formulate the opening sequence and then everyone else would work on their parts in isolation (collaboration is available and encouraged if needed). After that we’d tie them together and present them as a finalized PDF.

Wunderlich and I were assigned two parts since there wasn’t enough people for us all to take one. You’re welcome to take 4, if you’d like?


That works for me, I will try to get on the discord as well. Thank you!