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Hey all,

Posted in discord about the idea of having some get together sessions to make something and have a chat with likeminded GMs and Players. A bunch of us can get together, pick a host/leader, that host will say a thing to create (NPC, ROOM DESIGN, 5 ROOM DUNGEON, MOSTER ECT) and all of us can then help make it by suggesting ideas. Hosts will be picked by a d20 roll off if there is more than one. Finished ideas can be posted on the forums for all to see and use.

I ran a session last night and this is what my self and myrrhddin created…

Neither of us had any agender for this and we where both surprised by what we came up with. All inspired by some dealt out cards and one of them said Flesh Golem. The strangest idea grew from there and I have put it into a one page format for all to use and hack.

Looking forward to more community sessions!


Just thought of a add on to room three. Around the room you see paintings of the Golems that are lined up, a plaque below states a name and then what they are made from.

Perhaps naming them will cause them to stand still for 1d4 rounds?


Since this is sort of like a Workshop, you could also consider the gallery as a sort of documentation for each piece. Like it describes the creations but also lists what could be improved. This would then identify the specific weakness of each.


The fleshy bugazoid developed into a strong example of creation, but while the hard carapaces made its resilience to attack quite hardy, the shells made stitching pieces together quite difficult and lead to loose bonds between each piece. Note: Find an alternative joining process. Stitching is susceptible to cutting.


Oh I like that idea a lot! Gives more mechanics to the Oil paintings dotted about.


1D12 Table of special ammo (sci-fi gun or magic arrows)

  1. Seeker round - if ally is targeting, can fire around corners, cannot miss, does gun+ult

  2. Variable Intensity Flare - Signal, Blind, etc…

  3. Elemental Ammo - pick an (classic) element and do that type of damage

  4. Programmable Hallucinogen Dart

  5. Grappling Hook

  6. Mind control / Psychic Trap - With hit, take control of target for 1D4 rounds.

  7. Armour Piercing - pierces targets and thin materials and continues full length of the firearms range, treat damage on creatures as max dmg.

  8. Pheromones - Dumb beasts will be drawn to attack target for 1D4 rounds.

  9. Noxious Gas - Fills large areas with noxious gas… renders small rooms unsafe to breathe in

  10. Flechette Rounds - A round packed with needles which explodes and hits 1d4 enemies

  11. Tracking Beacon - all attempts against target hit by this round are easy for 1d4 rounds

  12. Delayed Explosive