Community Annual 2019



Uh, where did it go? What happened? I was all excited when I read about it and it looks like it is gone?


someone must have said something. but i’d think just remove the offending item. most people seemed happy to have there content involved and i know i appreciated it collected in one spot.


Sad to see this taken down. I understand giving credit where its due and getting permission from authors before including, but this annual was intended to compile, make a record of the year and honor all the fan made content. I can respect removing individuals content at their request or just not including their material until they give permission, but scrapping the whole document? That is a shame and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Ezzerharden, thanks for what you tried to do, and I commend you for going above and beyond to respect fan made content and even pulling the project out of respect for the creators. Hopefully down the road there will be better goodwill towards your efforts. For ICRPG to thrive its gonna have to celebrate what the community produces, for the most part that celebration seems to happen but that was not the case here.


Yeah not sure why its gone…


I have spoken with @Ezzerharden on this topic a couple of times and in different settings, so I don’t verifiable memory of his sentiment.

The recollections I have are that it is ultimately way too troublesome to get positive names and permission for every submission made after curating.

He’ll probably make the effort for himself but not bother posting/publishing it as it is too difficult to do.

I had thought/spoke of making a 2020 art and setting submission topic, asking posters to only post things they we willing in having as community publications and how they want it to be credited…but after a quick back and forth…I dropped the idea as wouldn’t have control on the forums, so it’s something for someone else to figure out if it is valued.

Control would be remove comments, just have art/maps/adventures submissions and how they want to be credited, for a yearly or quarterly community project, then locked down?

@Ezzerharden will continue to do it for himself in the hack and slash tradition this hobby had in the 80s.
But I assume he has his own take on the topic.


Ah thanks, Paxx.
Yes, it is a bit of a clerical challenge to credit all creators, and acquire explicit permission, but I still hold that to be a necessary step for any ‘annual’ publications.
A good solution could be to set up a simple ‘submission’ protocol so those who WANT to contribute to such a compendium can easily do so.
I think it’s also important not to highlight any one creator’s name in the titling. Keep it communal, keep it egalitarian, and rock on!


Seems like you’re jumping the gun here in terms of reaction @jgwcaster. Anything that got taken down was either by Ezzerharden himself or at his own request. I think Hank did ask him to give credit where credit was due, instead of just scooping all of the assets without asking, which is only fair. If Ezzerharden bailed on that piece, that’s on him.


That’s totally fair and as it should be. I just remember the Gongfarmers Almanach from DCC G+ days and something like this for ICRPG would be wonderful. But I believe that was submission based. A different topic probably.


“It Came from the Runehammer Forum” quarterly would be fantastic!!!

Cover art could be highest voted cover.

After that have the submission in their totality, as well as chopped up into parts for easy use…VTT assets, rooms, maps, print and play…special rules.

Submission page would have to say what can be used as single Complete object, what can be chopped up type thing. What name to use when crediting.

I’d be willing to help with curation.

Perhaps some articles from whoever wants to about philosophy of play.

@Runehammer can’t submit for front cover, but can contribute for all other covers, and respond as wanted to previous articles???

Published for free on driveThru or somewhere as a PDF.


@Paxx, sounds like you have volunteered.

A quarterly that people can submit to would be the best format. Perhaps we can also have a special forum tag for it was well, so we can also tag our posts if we are happy with them being included in the next quarterly?


I love this idea! Let me know how I can help.


There are technical aspects…a web form to make the agreement and submit the material.

After that formatting and assembly. Then publishing. So there is probably a lot of discussions to be made.

What Licensing to use, how to publish, how to accredit everything, how to provide thanks. How to make documents easy to use…so I’m not thinking this will be decided and moved along till end of month at the earliest…end of March most likely.