Community Annual 2019



Agree with Hank, an in document table of contents would be appreciated.


I am in awe! I just picked up Index Card RPG about a month ago and am loving what I am seeing. Then something like this comes up and I am stunned! This is such a great idea! I hope contributors will be on board with this and the original creator of course. It will be awesome to someday to look back over a handful of years worth of annuals, see the creative process and how the community grows and evolves with this game.


This is incredibly cool, thank you so much!


Does anyone know who wrote “Feats as Milestones”? I cannot find the authors post. Thanks in Advance.

And if there is anyone who doesn’t want their stuff in the annual, please let me know… … Game On!


Also, I dont know who wrote the Supernatural RPG Assets Hack…

Man… you guys really need to add by-lines to your work… hardly anyone has signed their own stuff!!!


In an effort to keep the page count under control, I am removing the character sheets from the Annual (almost 500 pages now)…and creating a separate compilation for them… more info to come…


Not a bad idea. I love that idea of having many choices!


This sounds familiar to something I posted a while back…

I don’t know if this is what your are looking for though.


Do you mean this?


The main goal is to figure out who did what. This thing is huge and understand the difficulty of identifying all the creators.

I for one am fine with mine being in there (and a little honored). Only reason I even put mine on drive thru was because I couldn’t immediately figure out how to share it in here so decided to follow the steps of publishing from beginning to end as a personal goal; it was always meant to be free and for the community.

Maybe in January 2020 do a submission process @Ezzerharden? With the wrap up being December 2020? Or maybe do quarterly books? To both save your sanity and keep it to a “for sure” participation group?

EDIT: or just use your superpowers to already know who did what and slapping it down. Your love for this system for both collecting, compiling, and tagging creators for all of this content is astounding.


Thanks @BigGrump… I have only a couple of UNKNOWNS but all in all the annual is somewhat complete with ToC and by-lines… there was one or two other entries I missed that I will add on the next update… Plus the year isn’t over yet! … and you should feel proud of your and the communities work. It’s a testament to their gaming/writing prowess!..

As for next year… I may just ask everyone to post what they would like to submit and curate whats good and worthy of the annual… cause 500 pages is a bit big, and searching the forums for a years worth of posts is too consuming! (Thank Adobe for PDF’s!) … Game On!


No… its in the latest version of the annual… I can’t find who wrote it…


Hey the Supernatural Assets is by me, ScorchedToad


It was me! ScorchedToad , and yes its awesome to be in it


got it thanks. I will add your name in to the catalog.


Thanks for the hard work putting it together @Ezzerharden. Thanks for the inclusion.

I am looking forward to seeing the thickness of this chronicle, if anyone prints it off.

I have a feeling that the 2020 edition will be decisively more cyberpunk!


i can only hope it’s more cyberpunk!..and thanks… Game On!


As usual Victor, you are killing it!! NICELY DONE SIR, NICELY DONE!


I don’t want to be that guy but I feel like I have to be. Did you get permission from all the authors before publishing their work? Did you credit all the authors?


Everyone that I could find authors for has given me the ok. I have a couple that I cant identify… that’s why there is a table of contents with everyone’s byline. Hankerin asked me to do the same somewhere earlier in the this thread… If anyone has an issue with me compiling something into one big book, PLEASE let me know. I will remove it.

There is some names I need to add that have been identified or okay’d.

I only am trying to make something for everyone to enjoy. No offense intended or meant.