Collection of Music Playlists



I’m just prepping for tonight’s session and collecting a few more playlists to add to my repository. Thought I’d share the list of links with anyone interested. These are just public Spotify playlists I’ve found over the last little bit and bookmarked for myself.


Ambient: Cavern

Ambient: Forest

Ambient: Mountain Pass

Ambient: Mystical

Ambient: Ocean

Ambient: Storm

Ambient: Fantasy Ambience

SCIFI Ambient: Homebase Downtime


Atmosphere: The Capital

Atmosphere: The Cathedral

Atmosphere: The Desert

Atmosphere: The Dungeon

Atmosphere: The Fey

Atmosphere: The Manor

Atmosphere: The Road

Atmosphere: The Saloon

Atmosphere: The Tavern

Atmosphere: The Town

Atmosphere: The Underdark

Atmosphere: The Wild

Atmosphere: Tavern Music

Atmosphere: Ancient Summons

Atmosphere: Witches Black and White

Atmosphere: Stronghold of Shield

Atmosphere: Swamp Swallowed

SCIFI Atmosphere: Corporate Espionage

SCIFI Atmosphere: Mission Preparations

SCIFI Atmosphere: Scientific Research

SCIFI Atmosphere: Transcending DNA

SCIFI Atmosphere: We’re Not Alone

SCIFI Atmosphere: The Ancients

SCIFI Atmosphere: Alien Artifacts

SCIFI Atmosphere: Vast Space


Critical Role

SKT: Eye of the All-Father

SKT: Maelstrom


Combat: Boss

Combat: Duel

Combat: Epic

Combat: Horrifying

Combat: Standard

Combat: Tough

Combat: Generic Combat

Combat: Tavern Brawl

Combat: Beasts Attack

Combat: Bandit Skirmish

Combat: Pirate Scuffle

Combat: Occult Attack

Combat: Sorcerer Feud

Combat: Armies Clash

Combat: Epic Battles

SCIFI Combat: Bar Fight

SCIFI Combat: Epic

SCIFI Combat: Dramatic

SCIFI Combat: General

SCIFI Combat: Light

SCIFI Combat: Horrors

SCIFI Combat: Machines


Monsters: Aberrations

Monsters: Beasts

Monsters: Dragons

Monsters: Giants

Monsters: Goblins

Monsters: Hags

Monsters: Orcs

Monsters: Tribesmen

Monsters: Undead


Mood: Creepy

Mood: Denouement

Mood: Grim & Somber

Mood: Joyful

Mood: Mysterious

Mood: Ominous

Mood: Pleasant

Mood: Ridiculous

Mood: Serious

Mood: Somber

Mood: Tense

Mood: Triumphant

Mood: Tension

Mood: Sacrifices & Atrocities

Mood: Terrors & Nightmares

Mood: Defeat & Mourning

Mood: Grim & Somber

Mood: Victory & Awe

Mood: Love & Affection

Mood: Joy & Jesting

SCIFI Mood: Lost the Fight

SCIFI Mood: Saved the Day


Setting: Barovia

Setting: Chult

Setting: Cyberpunk

Setting: Caverns & Catacombs

Setting: Royal Festivities

Setting: Spirit Realm

Setting: Planes of Hell

Setting: Lowlives Downbelow

Setting: Nobility Uptop

Setting: Rightful Heir

Setting: Deranged Despot

Setting: Atoning Saint

Setting: Twin Paths

Setting: Magical Sovereign

SCIFI Setting: Megapolis Skyline

SCIFI Setting: Neon Streets

SCIFI Setting: Black Markets

SCIFI Setting: Nightclub Nexus

SCIFI Setting: Sleazy Dive Bar

SCIFI Setting: Space Station

SCIFI Setting: Derelict Ship

SCIFI Setting: Barren Planet

SCIFI Setting: Frozen Planet

SCIFI Setting: Lava Planet

SCIFI Setting: Ocean Planet

SCIFI Setting: Overgrown Planet


Situation: Sea Shanties

Situation: Chase

Situation: Stealth

Situation: Burgle Bros.

Situation: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Situation: Scouting & Exploring

Situation: Running & Escaping

Situation: Stealth & Ambush

SCIFI Situation: A Respite

SCIFI Situation: Target In Sights

SCIFI Situation: Security Breach

SCIFI Situation: High Speed Chase

SCIFI Situation: Freerunners Flight

SCIFI Situation: System Hacked


Nice list you have here. Thanks for sharing! bookmarks this page


Drats I forgot about bookmarks.


Thanks heaps for sharing, I bookmarked most of those.



Please accept this hero coin because I’m about to go on a playlist organizing spree on my spotify. This list is amazing! Perfectly timed too because my music skills were lacking for last nights game. At one point I got frustrated and asked my echo dot to play “Fantasy Music” when I couldn’t find what I wanted. It interpreted my request to mean play “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey. It was so hilariously we decided it was perfect as the PCs took down cultists in the nights last encounter.


Nice resource here! Thank you for sharing it. :smiley: