Classic Dungeon Pack



Hello, Shield Wall!
A new dungeon has been added to the Dungeonarium at!
The Classic Dungeon pack contains a great mix of hand drawn dungeon rooms and tokens to drop anywhere in your game. With a few traps and few creature comforts, this is a low-powered setting that’s great for a brutal delve. I tired a new sketchy drawing style with this set as I try new things and experiment. It’s $5 if you want some hand-drawn dungeon tokens for your VTT!


Looks great! I love the blade traps too. Fun stuff.


Thanks a bunch! Lots of new stuff on the way soon, mwahaha!


thank you for sharing.
great maps


Placing some assets as printed. image image image image


Whoa! That’s awesome. I didn’t expect any print offs, very cool!


No reason not to… i resized by guesstimate. Close enough, but will make them larger, next time. Or will need to add a device to use as scale. Don’t focus on printing yet, but know it is not too difficult for when you are ready for it.


I made some printables last December, for a modular dungeon for the tabletop. I might have to make those available if people want them. Here’s a room from that set.

Edit: that one’s a bad example, haha. There’s a glitch in the matrix on the bottom side!


These are awesome! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be picking these up


You rock harder than a boulder. May your delves be deadly! …and fun. :smiley:



I was inspired to combine one of the assets I illustrated for my January art challenge with the dungeon tile @Chaologic produced. I think they fit together quite well!


That rocks! Awesome work, I love the colors.