Class TAG Hack for Fantasy



Hi everybody!

inspired by Altered Sate, Blood & Snow, and 2e Core I took existing Loot, Tags, and Starter Rewards (and modified some) to turn them into Class TAGS to replace the actual Starter Rewards of 2e Core.

Instead of creating totally new TAGS, I wanted to have a seamless fitting system to immediately put into use at my table.

The Class TAGS are new at my table, and so they are still open to play test - so feel free to use and abuse them, or take your inspirations from it, and leave them be.

But, I would love to get your feedback.

Thanks up front.

New possible ICRPG Class TAGS

During Character Creation you choose one of these TAGS.


  • Weathered : add your CON-Bonus to your ARMOR
  • Protector : once per battle, move to intercept a hit that would strike a NEAR Ally
  • Stalward : you gain an additional HEART


  • Slayer : roll ULTIMATE damage on any enemy you already injured
  • Frenzy : once per battle, deliver additional 1d4 hits after a successful attack
  • Warrior : choose a type of favored enemy (Humans, Goblinoids, Undead, Dragons, etc. - whatever fits your Setting) when fighting your favored enemy, roll double EFFORT


  • Lightfooted : stealth rolls are always EASY
  • Trickster : CHA rolls are EASY, if you try to lie / deceive / impersonate
  • Nimble Fingers : do double EFFORT when you pick locks, or disarm traps


  • Quick Shot : if your ranged attack roll is a modified 15 or higher, fire again with no Limits
  • Sharpshooter : ranged attacks are never HARD
  • Trickshot : once per battle pin (STR roll against TARGET to get free) or disarm an enemy after a successful attack

automatically gains the ability to cast divine/WIS spells, beginning with „Healing Touch“; or any other Divine-WIS-based spell, just talkt to your GM about it

  • Medicus : always add your Wis Bonus to any kind of Effort for Healing actions
  • Savior : if you fail your first Attempt on „Don’t Die On Me“ on a fallen Ally, you add 1 to there Dying Dice

automatically gains the ability to cast arcane/INT spells, beginning with „Arcane Missile“; or any other Arcane-INT-based spell, just talkt to your GM about it

  • Empowered : convert any number of hit points to either bolster a spell ATTEMPT, or Magical EFFORT, with a 1:1 Bonus ratio.
  • Scholar : INT Checks to acquire knowledge / deceiver texts / understand ancient pictures / etc., are always EASY


  • Swift : move, do any non-Attack action, and move again
  • Sixth Sense : when a new TIMER is rolled for the first time in an encounter, do a WIS-CHECK to deceiver its meaning (only once per TIMER)
  • Watchful : CHECKS to find traps, or to discover ambushes are always EASY


  • Authority : add a Bonus of 4 to your CHA-Checks when you try to command, intimidate, or to persuade
  • Tactician : once per battle, you can coordinate attacks on a single target. All Allies joining, do 1d4 extra Damage
  • Leader : NPC’s will always hear you out, and if friendly towards the party, they may come to you, to look for council


  • Primitive Skills : always roll ULTIMATE when doing BASIC EFFORT
  • Heart of Nature : wild animals do not attack you, except when they are forced to, or you show open aggression towards them
  • Weird Luck : if you roll a natural 1 on an ATTEMPT, you repeat the roll, if you are successful, your failure also creates an odd benefit


I love these. I haven’t had a chance to play Altered State, yet, but seeing these makes me want to try it sooner than later. I’ll definitely be giving these a try the next time we roll characters.


Thanks a lot! :smiley:
And I can only recommend Altered State, its a lot of fun, and full of inspiration.


In fairness, the Slayer tag isn’t your idea or an original Altered State idea. That’s Hank’s tag from Blood and Snow.


OMG - You are totally right! I am very sorry! I corrected the Post accordingly!
I usually don’t post much home-brew rip offs / ideas - that was not thoughtful of me, again: sorry.


This is awesome! Thanks for putting this together.


No worries. I’m just adding the credit where it is due.



Well done!!! In my not ever so humble opinion, most starter rewards and milestones should not be loot…everything else!!! Sure!

You made a great model of this, that everyone can easily place in their games if they wish!


Very nice. You did well keeping the feel of the classes with these TAG options.


And rightfully you did :smiley:


really like that idea. i was thinking how i could get rid of classes and go more for a traits kinda playstyle especially for the character building part.
And this goes in the right direction for me, think i have to steal that in some way or another😂
i maybe go for a list of possible traits that players can choose free from classes


oookay, ICRPG 3e is in the making, so i just lean back and relax, stop doing my homebrew and wait what will be in there :smile:


Last I heard, after the current projects it would be next in line. I believe with altered state, novel and 5e hardcore, that 3e is next. Has anymore been said?


This is great! I’ve been on a pbta roller coaster recently and I love tags as traits/skills over loot.


Third edition is in the works! Preview pages have been posted on Patreon! And I have to say, it’s super tight and looks gorgeous so far (no surprises there).


Oh man. So excited. I need to renew my patreon to be fair. (had to cancel it the other month).
Currently flicking through my 2e thinking of what monsters to throw at my son this week lol.


Love the idea of a menu of assets from which players can build a PC, rather than a tracked “class” kind of thing.