Class - Retaliation Warrior


A while back, my friends and I started a mini-campaign and at character creation, we decided we all wanted to be Warriors from the same clan. We created a slightly different Warrior based on taking damage and gaining rage. Now after some fine-tuning, we have the Retaliation Warrior who comes with 3 paths, as you’ll see on the image. Thanks for reading!


This is pretty sick. I especially love that Scar ability! And the page you have it on is very nice too


I got calluses on my fingers from all the heavy metal air guitaring I did while reading this.


Thanks @DryScythe! I’ve been enjoying your new classes as well, but I purposefully didn’t look over your Great Sword one, in case it would influence what I had here LOL.

@Looten you’re hilarious, and thanks!


This is awesome! I have a player who runs an Orc PC, I might show them this for some inspiration.