Christmas Lucas Style


Hey everyone – every Christmas I try to run an RPG session for my extended family. Sometimes this gets overshadowed by a new Star Wars movie – my brother and I take our families to see the latest movie which often falls around this time of the year.

Because of this, I am going to run an ICRPG STAR WARS session for them. I have fleshed out my DOC based roughly upon how I ran it for my kids and their friends a year or so ago. It includes my version of the THREATS from the Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire starter box adventure and can easily be used with that adventure if anyone is looking for something fun to do at their own holiday gatherings. It runs great as is and you could take this and be good to go for a session if you so choose.

I am combining this with the post Abodi made about doing a community Christmas Adventure. Instead of a single Adventure, I thought it would be cool to make a full supplement!

I am sharing the google doc allowing everyone to add COMMENTS to it (changes, suggestions, additions, etc.). Or if you prefer you can put your ideas in this thread for them to be included // considered. I will be retaining final authority on the end result; my plan is to include anything that doesn’t fit into an appendix for alternate rules or something along those lines.

Before XMAS, I will take the finished product of our own collective toil and toss it into a proper PDF using Affinity Publisher. It will be posted up for general use by the community for free as to not anger the Disney Lawyers. My only request is to try and make it new. If the concept already exists in a different supplement, use that source as the description rather than writing it out direct. I can’t be certain but I think I managed this in the current doc but can change anything if something pops out at you.

Think of this as our ‘open source’ project while we wait on the Cyberpunk madness to be unleashed.

The Mandalorian is AMAZING. I am already thinking of doing an all Bounty Hunter session where everyone plays a Bounty Hunter plus a second class. There is for sure room for growth on this DOC. I have been chewing on it a bit but only really gave it life tonight after work and didn’t want to procrastinate on getting the ball rolling.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to possibly join the Christmas Project – > who needs an Adventure when we can make an entire supplement!

UPDATE: Edits and new information in the DOC will be in green.


Boba Fett has a flamethrower from his wrist guards and rockets that are targeted by the arm on his visor, they are iconic to the character.


This looks fantastic! I’ll start racking my brain right away!

Also, what do you think of including some kind of tracker like in Vigilante City has with Vigilante Points, for the Force? Depending on your actions, it pushes you closer to the Light or Dark side and gives you access to certain force powers at certain points on the scale.


I’m constantly inspired and humbled by the ingenuity of this community! GREAT Job! This is awesome!


This is awesome and the idea of an all bounty hunter group would be really cool and fun! Good work as usual!


@Tonechiller what would you like to see? In the Fantasy Grounds game you actually face a different bounty hunter at the end. I forgot to put his STATS and SHIP in here. Because it was a one-shot and two of the kids were Jedi, I included Boba Fett as a timer who would show up each scene to try and capture one of the Jedi. Then he chased them off planet in Slave One. He was a pretty effective ‘you need to keep going’ influence on the session.

I think I will eventually have 4 bounty hunter threats and whenever a Jedi uses the force and is spotted, the GM rolls a 1D4 to see which one shows up to track them down!

I originally had Boba Fett with an instant hit AOE Flame Thrower with a cool-down between uses and a rocket that dealt ULTIMATE. But for this re-write I decided to just give him everything the bounty hunter class has to give the GM more flexibility with other toys and creativity. Like I said though, I am open to changing anything. You just have to give me something to change :slight_smile:

@KaneDriscol Each power costs 1 HP on the ATTEMPT; pass or fail. I might change this to only cost HP on the success but my thinking is they already have a stinkin’ light saber and making the Force cost health whenever you try to use it is acceptable. Also I haven’t factored in the bigger cost which is the GM increasing the room difficulty, adding more enemies, having a bounty hunter arrive, etc. whenever they use their power. I didn’t want to use anything like VC’s point system for a single class so instead went with a direct HP drain more in line with OG ICRPG. I like the idea of DARK and LIGHT side. Maybe you can automatically succeed as if you rolled a CRIT and suffer a point in the DARK SIDE. Dark Side points require 1 HEART in WIS effort combined with mediation to recover from. For each Dark Side point you have, increase the HP cost of all your FORCE powers by 1?


I can see your point. Unless there was a way to have the idea of DARK and LIGHT influence all characters, I think taking an HP drain is a good move. I’ll keep chewing on the idea because I do think it’s a thematic tie that needs a simple mechanic to go with it.

Also, I took a crack at a Ship Sheet and would love feedback.

Repository: Character Sheets

I printed it and took the Slave One – Boba Fett ship as my fill-in. Seems like the side boxes are a little too tight for writing down the chunk names. Love the design though! Maybe ditch the STATUS part and make the circle a little bigger? Then you can just put a 10 in it for the HEART and change those as you take damage? I like the look of that bar though – maybe use the same design for the far right of the box but have the HEART circle overlap it??


Super quick and dirty in photoshop:


I see what you mean. I had imagined using the main area for including a diagram or drawing of the ship and then each of the chunks would connect to it on the ship. Then you could keep track of that chunks status as time goes on, but you are right in that it’s a little tight.

So, with your suggestions, I’ve removed the Status area and expanded the circle so it can be used to track HEARTS. This would leave the top tracker, above the diagram, open for whatever needed to be tracked. Maybe it’s the amount of fuel, oxygen, or heat threshold haha.

I’m still chewing on if there needs to be space to include mechanical details like you did in the Slave One fill in, but I can’t bring myself to shrink the Cargo hold down. I also want to keep this design ambiguous, so it can be used in any Sci-Fi world and not just Star Wars.


I totally agree. The center section should be the ship picture; I was just messing around with formatting. I knew right away that was your intention and loved it.

I think the CARGO area is totally where CHUNK details can go for players to keep tabs on abilities and what not (if they need to). Since players can make their own CHUNK or use existing suggestions, those can change. I’m thinking some kind of a hand-out needs to be made up and maybe laminated with SHIP actions and CHUNK descriptions. Put it somewhere on the table for people to reference on the fly. In a roll20 session it can be displayed on the map screen.

I think this thing is perfect!

EDIT: That bar could even be used for BOOST – > the action that lets any player ‘bank’ a hero coin for the ship which is then usable by anyone for any roll. Maybe start each space encounter with 1 for each player on-board. I added this in after we played it and 1.) I kept forgetting to award hero coins so I turned it into a mechanic players could use and 2.) The CHUNK combat got sluggish and they needed a way to dish out more damage. It came up in our ‘after account’ of the adventure so right now it isn’t actually play tested; just something the players wanted (more hero coins)!


I see now what you are doing. I guess I was looking at having Boba Fett a closer loadout weapon wise to the original trilogy. But giving the GM flexibility makes heaps of sense.

I was also looking at the possibility of running this as the players on the Imperial Side of the force.

I will re-read this when I get a chance on a bigger screen (mobile atm) and see what I can offer. But so far it looks like you have done a great job.


@DMChef inspired me to slim this bad boy down. It still feels crammed and the layout isn’t perfect but I’m getting there. Thanks for that. Your WWII write-up is super clean and something I want to strive toward!

@KaneDriscol – the ship sheet is a bit forced on my part. I was just playing around with it for scale. Thinking I will rework all this later and do a two-page rule design with the ship sheet on its own page and then possibly a character sheet specific to the hack (FORCE instead of MAGIC and a section for their story).

I really think Star Wars needs to be about a player saying what they want to achieve and then the GM letting them play that out. But I also am now thinking Star Wars dealt with a lot of running away. I feel like THREATS need to be tough and intimidating on purpose.


You may not think it’s perfect right now, but it still looks great! Can’t wait to see it as it gets more refined. I do like how your hack lends itself to strong character development and I think that’s exactly what Star Wars is about, like you said.

If you need, I can provide a PDF version of the ship sheet (or any other sheets you might need). I’m happy to help!


I think there’s something to making a Star Wars character build more tag based rather than class. Luke is a droid mechanic, pilot, and a jedi. Leia is a leader, adept with a blaster, and force-sensitive. Trying to nail these characters down to a class is an exercise in futility. Like you said it is more about their relationships with other characters (and sometimes relationships to “factions” or ideals) and the things that threaten those relationships. And lasers. So I like this second iteration. Bioforms + character tags seems like the way to go. I did like your force rules in the google doc variant. How much your table needs those probably depends on whether it is an entire party of Jedis or a mixed party and you need some rules to balance the spotlight.


The second one is more of a ‘how much can I cram on a single page double printed.’ It helps as a practice because it forces you to trim words and only get what is necessary onto the page. I think this will probably be a 2-pager (4 total – front and back).

I REALLY hate RPG books right now. You just can’t digest it. It’s like you have to set aside a month just to learn a system and then spend an entire evening teaching it to players who don’t want to buy the book.

It’s what brought me to ICRPG – > it was the first system I was able to sit down and read in a single evening and not only understand it, but play a game of it that following weekend AND I even had printable miniatures for my table! It was also cheap; EVERYONE could buy a copy but now with the quick start free rules, you have an even bigger door to introducing others to this.

@soypunk you for sure seem to know Star Wars. If you have any suggestions for TAGS, keep them coming. I’ve got LEADER, GUN SLINGER, and FORCE-SENSITIVE as possible additions from what you just wrote. Races too.