Choices even in failure



So we all know how hitting things with blunt/sharp stuff is satisfying but failing to do so feels bad.

The problem is that you spend your freedom and your me time doing something without result.

I tried a fix for 3 month and it worked great so far : 1 tool, 1 main property, 2 side properties.

How does it work ?

You have a tool, let’s say a sword.
Main property : Dealing XdY damage
Side property 1 : Inflict a debuff (let’s say malus to next roll to the target)
Side property 2 : Make something cool (like a shove)

When you roll,
With X > Y
On a X or more : You do main property + 1 side property of your choice to the target
Between Y and X : You do main property, but you suffer 1 side property (dm choice)
Below Y : You don’t do main property, you inflict 1 side property and suffer the other (your choice)

You always have a meaningful choice to do, and there’s a “learning your craft” aspect to it that makes you familiar with your tools and is kinda nice.
It plugs very well into ICRPG because you start to have reasons for carrying 2 or more weapons (just with different properties), which take inventory space. It also blends well with the “my stuff broke, but I found a new stuff” since it does the aforementioned “learning your craft” bit quite often.

Here’s my 2 cents, hope you like it.

Power your Index Cards by the Apocalypse

You should make a starting equipment list for gear like this!


I started doing lists of mains and side affix by type so you can just roll loot on the fly and see what happens for my homemade games.

The idea is also to make it compatible to the system you are running. Let’s say you play Pathfinder, you can use any buff/debuff from the system as a side property and roll with it. If swords do 1d6 and axe do 1d8 in your system, just use that as main property without looking further.

The fun/hard part is for non weapon stuff. Shield or torches can shove and the like, but what should a lockpick have as side properties ? What about a herb pouch ? That’s where it start to be thougher to see variety. So far I put a few “hold +1 on given stat” like if you roll good on a lockpick, either you don’t use it at all, either you feel nimble in your fingers and have +1 to Dex next time Dex is in question.