Character Sheets



Is it just me or are most character sheets just boring? I mean the generic character sheet layout, I see lots of time and effort put into interesting game mechanics and lovely worlds being created with pages and pages of vibrant info to flesh out any fantasy/sci-fi/horror world, a huge host of monsters, creatures and villains to populate those worlds… then the character sheet is a generic black & white spreadsheet almost, they just don’t get he same love and attention. #disappointed

I love the ICRPG core character sheet, for its simplicity and practicality, super fits well with ICRPG.


This Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay sheet is one of my favourites, because of its grim theme and fit to the Warhammer world.

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What if anything can we do to improve our character sheets? And what are your favourites?


I’m ok with the ICRPG ones, but i’d prefer a hand-drawn variant.

I’m a big fan of Dyson Logos’ sheets for 5e


Oh yeah, really like that sheet, we’ve used that one before, we made a few adjustments.



This dude is very talented concerning sheets Penflower :boom:


Ohhh… I like the little booklet style, not sure how practical it would be at the table, always flicking through pages, nice work by Penflower though.


You say you like the simplicity of ICRPG character sheet, yet then say that most sheets are boring. You are sending mixed messages here.

What would you like to improve?

Also, have you seen my and other people’s character sheet designs?


simple and boring aren’t equivalent, in the same way that complex and exciting aren’t. I don’t think it’s really a mixed message @Khan With my example of Dyson Logo’s sheets, they aren’t actually any more complex than the WoTC sheets, but they’re certainly not as “boring”. Hankerin’s chosen to add a minimal amount of flair to the sheet. There is some, so i like it much more than the WoTC sheets, but it is still pretty minimal. That’s fine. It’s a pretty good choice for a number of reasons, but it’s also not a very exciting choice. Some people just want more visual personality on their sheets. The more stuff and style you add to a sheet the more controversial it is, which is one of the biggest reasons that I think the style Hankerin went with is a good one.

But yeah, I like simple, and i like stylistically opinionated. There’s no reason you can’t have both.


Couldn’t have said it better! The ICRPG core sheet is simple and practical, that’s why I like it, that’s not to say it’s boring, if I need something quick to get to the table fast, it fits it’s purpose great. On the other hand, look at some of the WotC character sheets and to me at least, they are basic and boring, reminds me of a tax return form.


@masukomi @CrowGoblin
Now I see what you guys mean.

Personally I prefer simple things in both design and function so what I find efficient may look like tax return form to you. So my char sheet design reflects that way of thinking.


Personally, I like them to have minimal info and maximum character. Anything I can easily remember (like race) I don’t bother writing.
Even on ICRPG ones I don’t like having STAT mini boxes for “Item” and “base”, too many numbers in front of me. Instead I just write stat totals on the front. Then list my base stats on the back in a corner and items that give stats say so in the item section.

Also symbols for words are fun. Admittedly they make more sense when you are making personal character sheets, so YOU know very clearly what it all means.

This is mine for a 5e Rogue:

Icons for proficiencies. Shield = AC, Heart = max HP, Circle = level.
I write the name of abilities/traits just so that I remember to use them! I have a good memory for rules, once I’ve used them once or twice, so maybe other players would understandably want to write abilities long form.

Maybe I should incorporate more Boxes to separate sections. Some of the above look really nice.

Also from feedback of my players (who are not hardcore RPGers), they really like A5 horizontal character sheets, that they can easily hold/have in front of them. This works really well with ICRPG.


I completely agree. Actually, I really struggle with science fiction, too. i find there are some good options out there for fantasy - or at least more options - but very little for science fiction. That’s one reason I love the Altered State sheet. If anyone knows of good resources for artists willing to do custom sheets (commissioned), let me know!