Character Sheet for Conventions/Local Shops


Hello fellow lumpy heads!

I recently attended a Con and, while I didn’t run a game, it got me thinking about running one in the future. So, I cobbled together a handout that could serve as both a character sheet, chargen steps, and basic rules mechanics. Something that could be folded into a brochure and handed out at a con or a pick-up game at your local game shop.

The text had to be printed rather small to fit it all but let me know what you think or any suggestions.

ICRPG Hexcrawl

Looks real nice and super handy for players. Also looks like you use house rules at Cons? Nothing wrong with that, but your CON stat and 8 point build aren’t raw (though I do use an 8 point build myself). Love the descriptor tables though!


Thanks! The 8 point build is really the only bump I think I put in there. Everything else is pretty much straight from the Quickstart Guide.

BTW, those descriptor tables are from Knave (or maybe it was Maze Rats). Both by Ben Milton. Great, fast, light games.


Feels very Dungeon World-y.

I dig it!


Any chance you’d have those for Warp Shell / Sci-Fi as well?


Cool man! I like what you got going here.


I don’t. Not at the moment, anyway. I just finished this one up but the Warpshell shouldn’t take much since the bulk of the rest is the same. Gimme a few :+1:t3:


The issue with adding Warp Shell to this is it isn’t in the QuickStart guide and therefore a license problem, at least in a shared g-doc anyway. Personal use I think it would be fine.


I see someone else is a fan of Maze Rats character creation. Good taste and cool character sheet!


Yeah, his Maze Rats and Knave are what got me thinking of creating a sheet like this.


Very cool project! I am actually looking at hosting some quick campaigns at a local game store next month. I will do my best to print a few of these off and give you some feedback on them. There are a lot of D&D players in the area, but I wanted to play a lighter rule game for people who may not be familiar with or intimidated by the larger books.


I didn’t even think of that. Asked only because it’s the other side of the coin and I don’t have the resources/training to whip something like that up. But if it’s going to get someone in trouble, best left as it is.


These two lists (expand them below) are from “Star Rats created by Landon Kanillopoolos (CC BY 4.0),” which is a sci-fi remake of Maze Rats by Ben Milton. Not much but might help a little. :wink:

@Shadymutha awesome sheet btw, thanks for creating it!

Scifi Species and Background Lists

Brain-in-a-jar mech
Crawling bramble
Electric humanoid
Faulty robot (Quirk)
Fish folk
Frogman Mutant
Fungoid Cyborg
Green blob
Green human
Half-giant Mutant
Human Cyborg
Human Mutant
Lizardman Cyborg
Lizardman Mutant
Mantis Cyborg
Slugman Cyborg
Snake folk
Tiny starship crew*
Tree giant
Wandering Monster
Yeti Cyborg

Anti-robot activist
Artifact appraiser
Augment installer
Beggar prince
Colony refugee
Disgraced admiral
Exiled noble
Former cultist
From Dimension
ID counterfeiter
Illegal clone
Local pathfinder
Lonely hermit
Mad scientist’s aide
Monster hunter
Primitive barbarian
Propaganda writer
Reformed arsonist
Small time thug
Street performer
Test subject (Mutant)
Tool salesman
Traumatized war vet
Unemployed miner
Weapon designer
Woke from cryostasis


That’s be great if you could. Thanks. And that’s exactly why I created this sheet, for those wanting to just get playing. If you can’t fit the base mechanics on a single sheet of paper, it’s too complex.


That is awesome. I had been cribbing from various sources to make sheets for an upcoming opportunity to introduce my co workers to the hobby at an off site training event.

Given that there’s only one veteran player (who I got hooked a couple years ago and has only missed one of my last 30some sessions!) and the other 5 range from “D&D curious” to “please don’t make me talk nerd” I’ve tried to make this super simple, but also informative.

And since I’m not technically skilled enough yet to make my own, this is cut and pastes from official stuff and things that others have offered up here. @DMChef (whose @ Tag I finally figured out) gets a special thank you for the stuff I cribbed from his great handouts.

Anyway, offering this for additional help and also if anyone has feedback on it as an “utter n00b” play aid, Appreesh.


The link says I don’t have permission to access.


Whoopsie daisy! Try now.

And Wow I keep going back to look at that second page of yours. Really outstanding. Please be prepared for the likelihood of me cribbing your page 2 en masse for this session!


I printed a few off and they will work fine, but the tri-fold doesn’t line up. I tried printing from google docs and I also downloaded the file and printed from Adobe Reader. I’m having trouble adjusting the margins. Any help for someone struggling to adjust those settings?


Yeah, I’m aware the columns are a bit off. I’m not much of a designologist so couldn’t figure that out. Sorry.


No worries. They look great and are a great reference for new players.

I will be using these next weekend, so I will let you know how it goes.