Character sheet DRAFT


Hi all. So want some constructive criticism on a draft sheet I made in excel. We use a rule mod that two-handed weapons and Magic do a d10. The other part, is that some players struggle with keeping track / remembering what their total bonus is on attempt or effort so I added an area for that… (I have to clean that up a bit)



I would change the place of the effort labels, they are too near to the line over them. For me it suggest that it connect to the line (e.g basic to armor). You can put it under the lines, or under the effort icons.

One more thing, if you have photoshop, I would tweak a finished character sheet. Generally ICRPG char sheets use nusaliver, flatbread, and calibri fonts.
For example here is @KaneDriscol 's beautiful character sheet:

and I would ask Kane, if I can butcher his beautiful sheet, and tweak this way for example:


Maybe on Kane’s sheet you don’t have to peak the loot table, because the math is next to the Effort dice, or you can delete them. :slight_smile:
Hope I could help a litte!


Thanks @Kordor92 for the nice words! They mean a lot and yes you are welcome to hack up the sheet as much as you want.

As for the issue of loot totals and such, maybe I dont understand the issue, but wouldn’t having all the loot list the base bonus make it harder to track? I mean the bonus to roll is your base + bio form + plus all relevant loot combined.

If you list it out the crossbow would be +1 base and +2 Dex, until you get another item that increases Dex. Then you go back to all your dex items and have to change them to say +3.

I guess my brain is just trying to see how to help the issue the players are facing with this solution. :thinking:


That sheet is beautiful! Is there a location where I can get a clearer copy, please?

I know this seems simple, but here is the issue. Some of my players are younger and two are special needs (but they don’t always play). They do great except for this issue. It’s been a real momentum killer when they enter combat and need to do checks/saves.

I want one place where they know that when they are defending against or attacking with their weapon they know exactly (and quickly) what to add to their roll. You’re attacking with your Longsword which is a total of base + loot + racial. Say, +3 total. Target: 12. You need a 9 to hit…

Now, this sheet is great because they could just put that number to the right of the base/Life form/loot for each field.

*I tried keeping the matrix on my GM screen, but I really want to give them the responsibility to do it.



By clearer what do you mean? :slight_smile:
If by resolution, you can download it if you click on (after click, red letter ‘download’ text under the image).
If by clearer you mean, a sheet with fewer info, than please elaborate what would you like to see on the sheet. :slight_smile:


Got it. I’ve attached a link to the forum post where I shared the original PDFs. They are not hacked liked the ones @Kordor92 shared, but you could recreate it.

And thank you for sharing a little more about the situation. that makes more sense. I hope that the solution Kordor presented will help. I know for me, I end up writing my total bonuses in the dice next to the stats in big red letters to help me remember. I included an example because I’m a visual person haha.

Half Sheet PDFs in this post


Heh. Sorry. I meant a clearer graphic so I could print/mod it. When I clicked the one you posted in this thread it was very blurry… Kane was kind enough to provide the link to the original post! Thank you!