Character sheet app



Hello there, I am “newhere”.
Been working on an app to keep multiple character info in one place and about to finish the first version that I’d publish. Problem is that I am not as artsy as a lot of people around here are, so I figured why not asking you for a little help.
Here is the initial reddit post for some info:

What I need help with is icons for the different classes and an epic font that you’d like to see.
Here’s a little template, would be cool if you filled it with some links!


Also, if you have a something for the splash page, gimme gimme gimme, the one I’ve got right now is beautiful but not cool…


ICRPG class icons

I’m not able to help with any graphics or fonts, but I do have a humble suggestion: ensure that whatever font you use is readable more than epic.

Too many D&D-related apps try to use fantasy-looking fonts for tone, and it reduces the actual usefulness of the app.

I want any companion app to help me record and find stuff, not necessarily to be a work of typographic wizardry. I’ll take a plain system font any day over curlicues and too many serifs.


Welcome to the fold!

Links to what? To icons? Or do you want someone to create them for you?

I may be able to help you. What are your constraints, what do you have in mind etc. Send me a message to talk about the details.


Maybe we can collab. I actually built a character sheet app over a weekend just so I could track all the loot my kids were acquiring in the dungeon I was running for them (and auto-update stats, etc).

It actually works pretty well. I haven’t added any styles or nice designs to it yet, but I do professional graphic design as well so I can get around to that eventually. I also need to add the “for use with ICRPG” badge but I haven’t “released” it publicly yet so haven’t gotten around to it.

Feel free to contribute if you’re interested:


Well ain’t this a daisy. I’m building one as well. Currently in visual design stage. Then plan to get approvals and feedback. O.o


If you guys can get this done soon, I’d like to release it with the ICRPG MOBILE pdf coming soon!
Note: Mistress, wildling and Outsider have all been cut.

for fonts, use the official fonts!

If you had planned to publish for revenue, we can find something that satisfies ye!
email me!


I’ve made a bunch of updates to the app I use for my home game.

If you reference the link I sent above, I’ve been using this version of the app in live games for some time now.

I have a few new commits to the repo–I’ve moved the database to postgres/docker and the API to GraphQL. All I need is some folks to submit some contributions and we’re good to go.

Either way, I think I’ll have a functional app ready to go by the end of the week.



Anyone interested in giving the app “ICRPG - Character Companion” a go?
As of now it is only available in the play store, app store will follow soon.
I would be happy to hear your feedback, also bug reports!


Just downloaded and I’m poking around. Is there anything specific you’d like tested? So far I’m seeing that some of the limits in the rules like only having 10 pieces of loot that contribute to your stats can be surpassed. It looks awesome though and I really like that it compiles all the numbers for me and that I can click on the items for details. :herocoin:


Do you prefer feedback here or through the play store?


Good question, if you want to drop just a line playstore I think, if it is a longer text like @KaneDriscol wrote, here


I was thinking about rules like that and have decided to leave them out as some players might not enjoy being restricted to that - depends on further feedback how we proceed.


I would think flexibility on the items would be preferred to being restricted seeing not all games are run the same way and with the same restrictions.


I’m getting the Alfheim bioforms in the Warp Shell sheets…