Character option changes



Interested in veteran players thoughts on the character options in ME.

Are the older ones still compatible? What were the reasons for deletions / additions?


Yes they are still compatible. It might take a little DIY to get them in the same format.

As for why they were taken out, my guess is just for variety and trying something new. If there is one thing I know about ICRPG, it’s that just because something new comes out it doesn’t invalidate anything that has come prior.

If you were at my table and wanted to play a psyker hill folk, than rock on! Let’s spin something up and make it work :metal:

Mix and match what you like and dont like. The new Master Edition is just the latest tool in your toolbox.


the character types were updated mostly based on player experiences reported in the last few years. Over the course of a zillion games, terms and most-loved elements became apparent. I did my best to respond to that in a cohesive way. As kane mentioned, everything ever published is totally compatible with ICME… ICME is a cleanup and a combination, not a discard and start over…