Character Art


Made some art for a Warpshell one-shot tomorrow night! Say hello the Mecha Gunner Century-Ion 7!


Pretty cool! What’s he like in term of personality?


Speaks precisely and literally. Refers to itself in the third person as “This Unit”

He finds biological life fascinating and seeks to make the galaxy safe for it to flourish and strengthen understanding and fellowship between bio and artificial lifeforms via leading by example.

This Unit is awaiting input.


Nice, what does he think of the afterlife for mechanical units?


you know, I haven’t pondered that until now… :thinking:


Might be worth a quest~


I imagine he would try to upload his consciousness to the network as his body failed and that would be his afterlife…


So Heavens could be… portable? :thinking:


And bluetooth enabled!


Ha! Hopefully! But seriously that sounds like a great idea! Or maybe Heaven is like the Purifier’s Core Spaceship from StarCraft II?