Character Archetype Cards



Added JDStirling’s Bard to the Slide Deck


Those are great! Thanks for sharing!


FOUND IT lol… how fluke :wink: still does me no good :wink:


did you open the link?

Or are you trying to use the actual file? The link is readable.

Oh – just realizing it isn’t on a full character sheet. BUMMER! These are totally the ones I was thinking of though.


Yes. I purposefully didn’t put them on character sheets as I believe the process on pencil on paper at the start is important.

these are best as a set of laminated reference cards that can be on the table at the start of the game for discussion whist the players build their own sheets.


It totally makes sense why you did it the way you did; I just think he wanted filled-out, ready to go sheets. I forgot these were ‘build your own as you go’ guides.


Yeah, I thought these were something else, but they’re all together awesome in their own right! I looked hard for these… Lol