Chain RPG - Looking for Players for Short Campaign



I posted an idea for an ICRPG hack awhile back, and @Lon made the point that it seemed like its own system. I thought it was interesting point, so I worked on the concept more.

The Chain RPG is a d20 rollover system which uses polyhedral progression along several emergent “Chains” to increase chances of success. Building the Chains for each roll reinforces the value of different methods of playing without limiting player choice.

The struggle of the early game, rolling a few dinky four-sided dice is rewarded with larger polyhedrals and epic moments fueled by Player initiative.

I am looking for players and eventually GMs who want to help me playtest this nonsense. In the distant future, I want to release it on as pay what you want/free. But we got a long ways to go!

Chain RPG Beta v0.4

In the Bleak Midwinter Primer


Are you sure that wasn’t my fellow tentacle-faced bud, @Paxx?


I’d love to try it out! When are you thinking?


I think you are right. Sorry @Paxx


All good, @Lon has more advice worth following, so no skin off my tentacles.