Cavern Cards - ICRPG



I’ve been working on Cavern Cards for INDEX CARD RPG. I wanted to get feedback if this would be useful for GMs as Online Play Aids?

Here are two samples:


I think those look amazing :smile:

Were you thinking that you use them for like map building in a cavern or just tunnels?



Thanks. Yeah These create Cavern Tunnels and I am working on room parts. My inspiration was the Dungeon Rooms and Hallway Cards in the ICRPG Decks.

Here is a small cave part:


They do look great! And they will definitely see some use if you finish the set!


I think they look great, i’d love to see your imagination run wild and put some big features in like a chasm or a rope bridge.


These are really great! I think they would be very useful for a quick dungeon randomizer. If these were available as digital images they could be dropped into Roll20 as a deck of cards and could be then randomized in VTT.


These are outstanding. I’d drop some ducats for a digital pack of these. These would be good for printing and VTTs.


Those look great! Well done.


Absolutely would buy a deck of these. Several in fact


Feel up to making tokens as well such as a ladder, a trap door, a set of stairs up/down, treasure chest, skeleton, body, etc? The kinds of things you would find littering a dungeon basically. Drop the token on the map and good to go.


I"m interested in which everyone prefers… 1, 2, or 3?



My vote on 1.


I kind of like 2 or 3 because they provide a little clarity as to defining what is rock/stone and what is a corridor. Plus, it reminds me more of the old school maps that used crosshatching in this way.


I’m for one and three. But… once you start making a ton of these… you should probably go with one.


These look great! I like #3 the best.


Will these be available somewhere?


I prefer #3, the texturing beyond the walls makes it pop really well - but that having been said i appreciate its extra work and #1 and #2 still look great.


Another vote for #3. The outer texturing really does make it


3 for me. But honestly, It took me a half a minute to figure out what was different enough to pick one over the other. .


Hi DanteFaustus,

I am working on them and I created an account on DriveThuRPG. So I should have them up there by the end of the month.