Can someone please fix ( improve ) Roll20 character sheet?


alright, I just found out that if you resize the window and make it small some input boxes are starting to overlap. There’s an easy fix to that (putting the boxes underneath each other instead of as columns), but it’s not pretty.
Also I have to change some of the attribute names to comply with the code of conduct, but that’s an easy fix.


I really, really appreciate the effort (ha) you’ve put into this. Despite the fact ICRPG is a such a simple game, a good looking, functional char sheet on Roll20 makes it easier to lure people away from other games, or simply consider playing ICRPG.

Thank you.


It’s done, it’s uploaded to roll20 and you can find it in the sheet list now :slight_smile:


You’re awesome, sir. Thank you.


Just tried it out. Great work! Very versatile. I clicked on MAGIC and, just wow!


Thanks :smiley:

Tonight I’m testing the sheet with Altered State. I already found a bug and some inconsistencies. One is that the roll button of Basic Work rolls Wisdom :’) A good way to not use that button is to use a macro to roll Basic, instead of straight from the sheet. The attribute Basic Work still works as normal, just the button is wrong.

Next to that I want to add a Healing stat for Altered State (d10), change attr_ult to attr_ultimate (for consistence) and there needs to be added some white space between class and origin.

Let me know if you find other bugs!

edit: I want to edit the sheet this weekend, so it will be fixed hopefully somewhere next week or the week after!

Edit 2: We actually found out all the effort roll buttons are wrong :frowning:


Just updated the new sheet. It will hopefully be changed by roll20 within a week. My changes:

  • Fixed the effort roll buttons. They should work in the updated version
  • Added Healing and Rage dice underneath Altered State
  • added a white space between class and origin

I didn’t change the ultimate attribute, because people are using the sheet and would lose their entries in that stat if I did that.


That’s awesome, thanks for the hard work.