Campaign Game LFM Saturday Mornings


Roll For Effort will be starting a new weekly campaign. We plan to run and record gameplay using the 5th edition Mad Mage Mega-Dungeon (lvls 5 to 20). Characters will be 5th Edition Characters, with a heavy amount of homebrew adjustments to smooth gameplay! The game will be run with a Sandbox Approach in terms of freedom but will be driven by your stories as a campaign.

We will likely play for 6 weeks, then take 2 off and go from there. We already have a relatively full group, but still, have up to 2 spots remaining. If you are interested, please let me know!

The time could change based on the group’s needs, but right now it looks like the best time to start is 11:00 AM Central time, on May 16th.

RFE is a free channel, we don’t have ad’s enabled, so there’s no pay or obligations involved, it’s all just voluntary fun. The recording is pretty non-invasive so usually, players forget it’s even happening. I have a fully stocked DnD Beyond account, so there is no need to purchase any materials unless you wish to do so on your own.


I just Spoke to my Better half…I’m Game if there is still Room!!!

@Shadymutha is my reference, I guess you could as @Alex or @Chuck_Lemons to see how crappy I am to game with on Roll20!!!


Paxx I would love to have you aboard! No references required. :smiley: Mark, Alex and Chuck are all great peeps, but the power to control the world lay’s within your own fingers! :mage:

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