Buy or Build


I was looking through some 3d prints for my table and ran across a little 2 wheeled cart. I thought to myself I could build that! 20 minutes later I had a this.

Here is the inspiration:



I like your version better. :smiley:


Why not both? haha

We have a friend with a 3d printer so he prints minis for us at cost (reaaaal cheap), and my GF is addicted to DIY crafting with cheap/recycled mats, the end result is usually mindblowingly cool!

Imagedump warning!


Way ahead of you! Haha. I have a 3d printer. Sometimes its nice to be able to glue some sticks together and make something cool.


I showed this to my D&D group and offered them a small amount of XP and gold if they made their own cart for our game. The next game night everyone brought their own carts made out of a wide variety of materials in their own style of cart and we had a blast showing them off. One of the couples said they really enjoyed the project because their daughter got involved too, and everyone had a great time getting crafty.
Thanks to your inspiration on this little project we’re going to continue to have crafting projects to contribute to the game. Thanks for the fun idea!


Dude. Made my day. Thanks! I love that idea of having your players build stuff for the game. You inspire me.


Inspiration is a funny thing, like it has momentum. I love this community for it.


I’m not sure how I missed this thread, but I am glad it came back up. It’s awesome.


Oh gosh! Those cultists are cursing your dice! Now that’s a hook!! :pray:


haha I thought it was a neat place to set the timer!


This comment make my gf (and in turn myself too) shed tears… so heartwarming and beautiful!!

Curse you! You wholesome peoples made me sound like my grandma hahaha