BUNKERS & BADASSES the world primer



An ICRPG style Tiny Tina Borderlands world primer, with help from the d20 based B&B rpg… try saying that 3 times fast.

Use the wiki from the video game… “more like guideline than rules”…



All characters receive 50 health points for every heart. This is B&B… get used to being a badass…


Health regenerates at the end of any round when you take no damage, at a rate of your 3x CON bonus (minimum 3), whichever is larger. You cannot regenerate if you have zero or less health.


Shield points recharge rate are different for each shield. Once depleted, Hit Points are affected.

If the player has not taken any damage by the end of their turn, the shield does recharge equal to the shield recharge rate.

If any damage occurred during their turn, their Shield does NOT recharge.

Shields fully recharge at the end of every encounter.

There are some loot and abilities that may partially or fully recharge shields sooner.

Standard shields have a 50 SP (Shield Points) and a recharge rate of 5.


Each ranged weapon has a “hit range” of HITS & CRITS.

HITS: Weapon have accuracy ratings based on a dice range on a d20. For example, a crappy auto-rifle has an accuracy rating of 2,8, & 16. The dice ranges are 2-7,8-15, & 16-20. Each range band adds 1 die of effort or “HIT”.

CRITS: every CRIT roll adds an Ultimate (d12) effort die to your HITS.

Example: Brute rolls a 18 using an auto rifle(2,8,16). Since his roll is higher than all 3 range bands, he rolls 3 dice of GUN Effort (3d8) for his attack that round! He also has a Blast Pistol(12,20) but the Auto Rifle has more bang so he used that instead.

OPTIONAL RULE: the last hit band is the CRIT range for that weapon. If there is only 1 hit band is listed, said weapon would only CRIT on a natural 20. I.E. an Auto Rifle(2,8,16)… any roll of 16+ would roll 2d8+1d12 in Damage.


You can only equip 3 grenades. Some abilities or loot may grant you more, but for now, only 3.


Melee Weapons use WEAPON Effort.

Unless a weapon states otherwise all melee attacks have a accuracy rating of (2,16,20)
02-15 normal damage
16-19 +3 effort
20 double damage (multiply the die roll total). This is different rule than the range attack CRIT.

CRITS: Rolling a natural 20 adds ULTIMATE effort to the roll.


Extra attacks generate 1 Mayhem point for each additional action, unless the Vault Hunter’s skill or ability grants Extra Attacks.


Each class has one gun they prefer over another. The kind they sleep next too every night. Favored weapons allow the vault hunter to add their DEX to hit rolls. Each class has 2 favored gun types. Adding more types as a milestone reward.


Standard d20 but… its called a Badass Die because its Badass…duh! Players get to roll this die when they spend a Badass token on a Badass move.

Failure: on a 1, 2, or 3 and generates 1 Mayhem point.
Success: 4 - 17 is a success.
Badass on a roll of 18, 19, or 20 your move does maximum effort.


Players gain Badass Points for being a badass!

Each player gets 1 Badass Move per Pan’Dorah day.

  • Any player can spend 1 Token to gain +1 to any roll, including non-combat checks.
  • Spend 1 Token to roll the Badass Die.
  • Spend 1 Token to do an additional Badass Move in an encounter. Each additional Badass Move costs an extra token cumulatively. 1 extra move costs 1 Token, 2 extra moves cost 2 Tokens, 3 extra moves cost 3 Tokens, etc.
  • Spend all your Tokens for an “all or nothing” wagers against the Bunker Master. This typically involves a roll off with the higher roll winning the contest. No Ties or Do Overs… it’s Do or Die time.


Every Vault Hunter starts with a Rank of Zero.

Every time you roll a natural 20 (CRIT) on a d20 roll, mark 1. When you reach 10, your Badass Rank increases by 1.

Whenever you make a Badass Move (when you roll the Badass Die), you add your Badass Rank to the roll.

When other players assist in your Badass Move, they can add their Rank to the roll as well.

You can also increase your Badass Rank by 1, by spending a Milestone.


See individual character/monster listings for more details. Typically they are like Milestones but better.


Mayhem is generated:

  • if any player fails any check
  • an enemy rolls a Crit.
  • if during an encounter, any player:
    • Hands off an item
    • Takes extra move or attack
    • Reloads or swaps out a weapon
    • Attempts a check
    • Fails a badass move

GM Spends Mayhem as follows:

  • 1- Use an enemy Mayhem Action instead of a normal action
  • 2- Send in another wave of enemies
  • 2- One Enemy takes a Mayhem action before they die.
  • 3- All enemies take a Mayhem action or Boss gets an extra action.
  • X- Complete a Boss Goal.
  • 1- Roll on the RandoStuffs Table. The enemies can use it in the fight.


See individual monster and enemy entries in the book.
Create Badass moves for them to spend the Mayhem points.


Weapon Rarity is classified as COMMON , UNCOMMON , RARE , EPIC , and LEGENDARY .

Refer to the charts on page 99-100 for WEAPON TAGS.

Refer to the charts on page 101-102 for RED TAGS. These can only be added to EPIC or LEGENDARY weapons.

COMMON Weapons can have 1 Weapon Tag.

UNCOMMON Weapons can have up to 2 Weapon Tags.

RARE Weapons can have up to 3 Weapon Tags.

EPIC Weapons can have up to 4 Weapon Tags including 1 RED Tag.

LEGENDARY Weapons can have up to 5 Weapon Tags including up to 2 RED Tags.

For Example: ONE SUPERB WRAITHFUL STRONG ROCKET LAUNCHER (EPIC): Fired once per day, +1 Mod, Deals 2x dmg enemies that have damaged the wielder, +1 all non-combat checks when equipped.


“Like normal enemies, except faster, stronger, and more full of murder.”

All Enemy types have Badasses. so when spawning Enemies you can always choose to spawn a Badass of the Enemy type by calculating double the Badass Rank.

For example: a Badass Skeleton would have a Badass Rank of 6 instead of the normal Skeleton of 3. Badass Enemies also have double the Health/Armor and only take Mayhem Actions. Additionally. they get a modifier from the list below. rolled at random or chosen by the BM.

  1. TOUGH : Takes a max of 10 dmg from each attack
  2. FIRE : Deals/Immune to Incendiary dmg
  3. ELECTRIC : Deals/Immunes to Shock dmg
  4. RAGING : Deals double dmg
  5. CORROSIVE : Deals/Immune to Corrosive dmg
  6. EXPLOSIVE : Deals/Immune to Explosive dmg
  7. FERAL : Gains Extra Movement each turn
  8. RAD : Deals/Immune to Radiation dmg
  9. FROZEN : Deal/Immune to Cryo dmg
  10. CHUBBY : Trilple Health/Armor instead (always drops Legendary item)

See the Wiki for ideas on Enemies and Locations, and even Missions.

Just remember, it Borderlands, it should all be Bad Ass!

Game On!


You’re a frikkin’ machine the amount of content you got!