Bullet Journal for GMs


I found a link to a G+ community, but they’re no longer online.
Can anyone point me to Ezzerharden’s article about journaling for GMs?


I am not certain if it even exists anymore. Ezzerharden packed up his stuff and left the community, and so I don’t know if he has continued to maintain his bullet journal site.


Oh that’s a bummer. I’ll keep trawling YouTube for related stuff then.


What a coincidence! Just this morning I threw a flip through of my Game Journal on YT!

I didn’t do much editing this video because I’ve had nearly no free time this week. But, there it is!


Also, I don’t think bullet journaling is unique to the RPG community. You can probably just do a Google search for folks who use that method. You might come across someone who uses it for indexing plants or something, lol, but the concepts would be easily transferable, I imagine.


I’m sure you have already checked out the official site… But for our newcomers who have never heard of bullet journaling.



He’s still running his Bullet Journal group on MeWe. But as Alex said, Bullet journalling is not a new idea and has been around probably as long as pen and paper.


I’m new to this, and I think it’ll be really helpful. Big thanks for the link!