Budget terrain



Experimenting with very low budget, quick and easy terrain. I’ve done my fair share of making and painting realistic looking terrain but since becoming a dad I just don’t have the time…That’s when I had a thought, RPGs are about imagination!!! Does my terrain have to look ultra realistic? Do I need to spend hours of time and money on it? So I have gone for the minimalist look :slightly_smiling_face: all made with just some cardboard, a few pens and a hot glue gun :+1:


Most excellent, dude! These look great!


This is what is all about! Walls next?


You read my mind! Yes walls are next. Maybe make some chests and other furniture :+1:


Super cool. Sometimes simple is best. I love the cartoony style of the doors. This may make its way to my table too. Great I idea.


Oh man these look super amazing!!!
I love it when cheap and easy looks so frikkin good


Glad you like :blush: Yeh I kind of like the cartoon style (completely unintentional) I’m thinking of getting a brown-ish battle map so everything is of the same colour palette. Also a think packing string and brown paper would match the “style”. ENDLESS IDEAS! :exploding_head:


Loving this look and style! Nice work!


Not strictly made for gaming but my daughter wanted to build a castle (I didn’t take much persuading) :grin:

Obviously needs some pen work but the dragon was coming and we didn’t have time :man_shrugging:


Nice. Inspired by “Cardboard DM”? If not, definitely google him for ideas, he does some awesome looking stuff. I’ve been meaning to try this cardboard stuff out


Wow he’s made some very cool stuff! How have I missed his stuff until now?! Does he have a Facebook page or YouTube? I can only find links to his Instagram pictures. Definitely going to looks through his work for ideas, cheers :+1:


Really great terrain. I think it has a great style, and I love that you have found a way to make it quickly and cheaply. Really cool!


Really those look great. Well done!


Very cute! This afternoon I came across some scrapbooking paper that has a faux-stone effect on one side, in 12x12 inch sheets. Grabbed a pen, drew some lines on four sheets, voila! enough area for a huge cave or great hall. They would go perfectly with your little doors!


This is great. I may need to cut up an Amazon box soon. I wish the dollar store had foam core in more colors.


Home Depot - painter isle. Grab a roll of the brown paper they sell as a cheap drop cloth! At least I think they still sell it. I pick up a roll every now and then. It is similar to a roll or butcher paper but heavier. Will be a bit darker than cardboard but might work for this. They look rad!


If you get some grey cardboard you can do the same for your walls.
I think old lever arch folders and archive boxes have a mottled grey pattern.


Save your breakfast cereal boxes. Very good material, but may irk a spouse while saving up. HA!


I’m lucky we throw a lot of cardboard away at work so I have a endless supply. This is my latest cardboard score! :grimacing:
What shall I turn them into?
I was thinking maybe some little huts/houses, a tower maybe? Very large “ancient tree”?


So simple, so Awesome