Bringing enemies together for a common cause


I have some players who would like to play some very different characters that would normally be enemies.

I need a system that compels them to work together.

For example why would a goblin join forces with a human on an adventure?

What would motivate them?
What would stop them screwing each over for the loot.
I need a way to get them to co-operate.

Perhaps after they have completed the mission they can go back to their old ways but while they are together they need to support each other and fight for the common goal.

This needs to be a normal thing to do in this world. I was thinking some kind of ancient tradition that encourages this. Political and economic system may have developed around it to encourage mixmatched bands to come together to fulfill missions and objectives.


They switched bodies and are trying to figure out how to get back in the correct bodies. They both don’t want to let the other out of their sight. They both think their new bodies are gross and weak.


Ha ha that is a fun idea.


A common enemy between them?
A Thanos-like villain that is trying to destroy the world, so they have to ban together to fight an defeat the villain?
Perhaps they both shared a common interest, a like that got destroyed so now all they have is each other?
Just some ideas, you can take any of them if you want!


Whenever a collective species identifies a threat bigger than their neighbor they come together to focus on said threat. Fantasy — dragons, a comet spewing alien bugs, a cadre of wizards seeking to dominate the world, a strange deforming plague, an unexplainable drastic change in weather, the “great nothing” from the Never Ending Story, etc.

But personally the body swap is pretty epic. You put in the time to make your character and wake up as what your buddy made… pretty cool!



How about a jail break? Similar to the common enemy but they all start in prison and it takes a combined effort to escape


If you have the Worlds book, check out page 48 about the Thushum. Not all goblins are… gobliny. Honestly, you could just throw them in a situation and see what happens. Let the players decide if they are going to play to stereotypes or if they want to add a bit of dimension. Present a scene that would universally espouse empathy (a child caught in a bear trap for example) and let them inhabit that world. If it will really railroad the session, have a zero session and talk it out ahead of time.