Brilliant Idea... Forever Lost?


Can anyone else relate to this?

A couple weeks ago I had an amazing idea right before falling asleep. My half conscious brain jotted down two words in my GM Journal. To this day, that page remains empty as I CANNOT remember what the idea was about!!

Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to?!?!


Nope happens to me all the time!


Same here. Have thought up some revolutionary mechanics in that state. Next morning . Gone.


Remember that it’s also likely that an idea which seems brilliant to you while you’re half asleep turns out to be a du in the full light of consciousness. Don’t be too hard on yourself; ideas are like buses - another one will come around.


@The_Merlitron Lol! A very wise observation!

I’m curious what other people have jotted down and then forgotten?


For me, it’s mostly jotting something down then returning to it later and realizing I’ve lost the ahhhhaaa moment.


A shadow that attacks it’s owner

A shadow daemon that jumps from host to host

A shadow that can only be banished by light and can only be damaged by magic damage

A shadow that goes over a town that grows and grows and grows like a vine.


Sadly, @OldBen, my friend, you aren’t the only one. I have a note on my desk at work that simply says, “consecutive.” Months later, I have NO IDEA why I wrote it. If it ever comes to me, it will be a miracle.

All I can say is, this is a distinguished club we are in.