Borrowed Mechanics


Just out of curiosity, what mechanics from the ICRPG offshoots (Blood and Snow, Altered State, etc) have you implemented into your core game?


I use surge dice from Altered State instead of hero coins.


TAGS are very important in Blood and Snow…they are just as important in my core games.


I second surge dice. I love rolling more dice, my players love rolling more dice and it creates this frenzy of excitement for us.


Tags from Blood and Snow

And my group loves the surge dice. I still hand out 1 surge dice to players who do something awesome because I liked how hero coins rewarded awesome role play.


Tags are the best. Loved them when I read dungeon world. Love them more now.


I pretty much agree with everyone here. I love using tags, and surge dice are great. I haven’t run a game where I have employed surge dice instead of hero coins, but from a players perspective i have used them a bunch and i like that mechanic a lot. I think I will be incorporating that mechanic in all may games from here on out