Boarding a Space Station – What could go wrong?


Edit 2/18/2019: Looks like it’s a two night encounter. Video is up for the first night:

After piloting their ship through an asteroid filled nebula, being boarded and assaulted by Void Crabs, Shot at by Fighters, and their minds battered by psychic pulses, my players have finally reached the space station they were going for.

What ideas do you all have for a few interesting threats that aren’t just throwing more of the same enemy at them.


What might you add or change about the Big Bad?

Here’s what I have so far, and THANK YOU for any ideas you have!

The 3 Ts

Psychic Pulse – 1d6 rounds.
Voidling Generator – Spawn Voidlings every 1d4 rounds.

Voidlings – 1HP, Hit for Basic Damage
**Psychic Pulse - ** “The disorienting waves of psychic energy leave you stunned and reeling” It becomes Harder to do things. Wis Save to negate. (Thanks Ekulio)
Ion Weapons - Can destroy equipment

Treats :
Manufactorum is the source of the voidling spawns
Engineering and power core power the ship
Weapon Locker in Each room – Loot rolls!


Locations :

Docking bay – Where the ship is docked
Hallways – Long winding corridors connecting all the parts of the ship
Research Center – Locked! Big Bad is in this room, making copies of himself.
Manufactorum (X2) – Source of Voidling spawns as the big bad uses the ships manufacturing systems to create an army.
Engineering and Energy Core – Powers the ships.
Living Quarters – home for the pilots of the possessed ships from the previous encounter.

Research Center is sealed from the inside.

Stop Big Bad from completing his cloning and building an army.

Big Bads

Cloned Crewmates (Thanks Alex!)
Twisted mutated clones of the Crew they are trying to save.
Same Gear and abilities as the characters.
“While the Crew of the Coalast was killed, the logs show that their bodies were recovered and have been twisted into grotesque mutants while being possessed by Jotun crossing into Midgard”

Jotun Scientist :heart: (Thanks Ekulio)
Psychic Pulse, Healing Syrum, Ion Pistol (Disables or destroys a piece of gear)



They arrive at the space station to find it infested. The big bad is mutated versions of themselves, from another timeline. They have all the same gear and abilities — truly terrifying and difficult. A check of the station logs shows they arrived over a year ago. And were overcome by the infection. What’s going on? Now, that will mess with them AND send them on a quest for answers.


I would think about threats besides straight damage you can throw at them. What if the psychic wave stuns or confuses instead of damaging? Is there something that can do target damage? Is there a risk of de-pressurization or having their equipment destroyed? What if the BBG can disable their tech with an EMP or something?


They arrive at the space station to find it infested. The big bad is mutated versions of themselves , from another timeline.

Oh man. That would have been a fantastic way to start this story. I can use that.

In the story, one of the characters comes from another ship, and the crew of that other shit was killed and bringing that other crew back to life is a driving quest for the group. Cloned copies of the other crew as big bads would be amazing.
Thank you!


Got about half way though the night, here’s the video: