Blood & Snow one-shot Saturday 11am EST



I want to run a Blood & Snow game on roll20 this Saturday around 11am-4pm (ish) EST if there’s anyone interested in joining.

I’ve DMed D&D, Dungeon World, and a bunch of hacky homebrew games before but this will be my first time running ICRPG so I’ll probably goof a lot of the rules this time :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you’re cool with that I’d love to run a game for you! I will push it back to next weekend if there’s not enough interest this week. Let me know! (new people welcome of course! we can all learn together)


Hey There KFSB! I would love to partake, but can’t this weekend due to family fun times. Next weekend is a possibility though. I will keep an eye on the thread and see what develops and if it gets pushed back. Sweet that you are jumping right in - that is awesome! Thank you and you will rock! :herocoin:


cool, I’ll keep you posted on next week :smiley:


If there is room I’d love to join. I am still new as well. I have a few online icrpg game under my belt and would love the experience. I dont have blood and snow as of yet. But I will be joining the patreon later to day. Ant character restrictions I need to know. I do have a few characters built from youtube’s icrpg icy tomb. Skoun. But he had 2 milestone rewards already. I can make some new guys. :smile:


To bad Dave. Be great to game with you again


sounds good! I’d like to have everyone roll up their characters that day so we can all see who’s doing what :slight_smile:


sounds good. are you using Alfheim and blood and snow classes. not even sure if there are classes for blood and snow. lol cool. so what time to meet up for character gen??


11am EST if we get a few more people!


So that will be 8am for me. I’m in Oregon👍


I’d be really psyched to play. New to ICRPG too, but I’m DMing a one-shot over the table on Sunday, so would be great to have a game the day before :smile:

I can do next weekend too. Rock on


nice! if we can get at least 1 more we should be set for a small game


FYI, Hank just released the Blood and Snow super pack on for $4.50.


how many do we have now?


only 2… will probably have to postpone for a later date


np. just keep me up to date.


Hey! Just wondering if you’re still thinking if running a game this weekend. Would be awesome :smiley:


Me too. Like @Whurbin_Holderhek. Still interested in a game Friday or saturday