Blood & Snow: Inspiration - Primal



I saw that a new Gennedy Tartakovsky cartoon is launching on October 7th. I think it’s great inspiration for Blood & Snow (one of my favorites) even though it skews a little to the fantastic. There are some dinosaurs but also frozen landscapes, mammoths, a giant spider, man-sized bats and more - and no magic from what I can see from the trailer.

It got me excited to run another B&S game so if animated inspiration is your bag and you like Blood and Snow then check out the trailer.


They showed the first 4 episodes at the theater here last week. It’s pretty awesome.


Wish they’d done the same in Chicago (or I missed it) though I did see one advertisement for it. I think it’s five episodes all together.


Maybe it was all 5. It’s episodic though, so they could keep rolling with it. Scratched my Samurai Jack itch.


That’s good to hear! Maybe Tartakovsky will keep it going. It’s right up my alley. Anything in it kids should avoid?

We could definitely use some dinosaur play aids! I’d love to have my game work south and maybe stumble across a clave of holdovers from a long-forgotten time.


It’s gory - like Army of Darkness gory, not Evil Dead gory, so that could be an issue for younger kids. Also the bat episode is spooky suspenseful, so same kinda thing. I’d imagine they’ll rate it at least 10 and up to be safe, but if you know you’re kids would be good with it I’d say go ahead…


Well, considering Spear beats out a mommoth’s eye with a rock in the trailer I’d have to say you’re right! I think they’ll be good with it but we’ll give it an episode and see.

It gives me a good reason to get some Trash Mob dino paper minis on the table with my favorite Blood and Snow worknfrom Hankerin.

Are there any other good sources of inspiration for B&S out there?