Blood and Snow Terrain Kit


For use on Roll20 or your favorite VTT.
This image set is hacked from the BRILLIANT 2MTT stuff on Patreon.
I use a very specific edging method to make these pieces super useful in Roll20 map building. Start laying them down to build your modular maps, you’ll see what I mean.

The ‘snow overlay’ can be used to particularly insidious effect.


Wow! Nice work again! Thanks a lot for sharing.


Blood and Snow went from a one-off module to a living, breathing ICRPG subsystem in a matter of a couple days! Thanks for your awesome work.


Playing around with these to see what works best, what kind of layouts I can find…

Images here are screen grabs from ROLL20


Now this is love!!
Mad props



be sure to stop over to PATREON for all of Two Minute Table Top’s map stuff. He is, t me, the ONLY roll20/ vtt map source you will ever need…stylish, clean, but mysterious and great. He has a huge selection.