Blood and snow question



Newbie question for Blood and snow, so do we not use a D8 as there is no magic, just checking on that, thanks greater knowledge people,


I tend to never say never, so I wouldn’t rule it out under the right circumstances that a PC might have magic-like effort. But. You’re right. In Blood and Snow, almost all of your effort rolls will be a d4 or d6 because magic doesn’t exist. One of the best parts of B&S is that the numbers are low, and players have to scrap for every inch.

That being said, we finished a campaign arc where the party encountered enemies with blip modules, d8 energy guns, and a warp shell encased in the ice. So … don’t place a forever constraint on yourself, depending on the story you are trying to tell.


Ah great point, thank you for making the time to reply, I really appreciate it.