Blood and Gold: Early Rev PDF and Playtest



Nearly complete with the rules! Layout is getting better and better imo but I’m still game for any feedback. Thanks!


Ok. Blood and Gold is finally done… for now. Comes in at 64 pages including the cover for the pdf. I’ll have to get the print files setup and get some proofs, but that shouldn’t (hopefully?) be too hard. Thanks for all the idea mining and creative sparks shields! Extra special thanks to B, Alex, Berger, S5Photo and Skippy for some extra input here. Also, sorry if I missed someone! Even if this bombs, it was an awesome journey.

I’ll leave this link up for now. Grab the pdf if you want and let me know what you think! Also, running some one shots to keep testing the system. The discord invite is here in this thread somewhere, join if you’d like! Or if you run the system, let me know what you think!



It’s live!

Thanks again to everyone!


Great job mate. I have a system made as well but now I need to dive into creating a book as you have. Hell… feel like getting paid to make mine? DM me if so. :slight_smile:


Uploaded to drivethru as well. Waiting for approval. Next I’ll look at getting the print proofs from drivethru, Amazon, and Lulu going. Cheers!


Cheers! What are you most proud of?


At this point? Completing it. There are notes about ‘this’ game in four different notebooks, in a multitude of google docs, and even more in my gray matter haha. Been a WIP for nearly two years, and pushing on and completing it as a finalized project was the main goal. It’s sparked something inside me for sure though, and I empathize with B even more than ever now, because my brain is just now recovering from jamming through this project, and yet, I want to do a space cowboy (think firefly and mandalorian) style game using the same base system already. And also an addendum of extra rules/classes/spells/etc sort of like Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells has.

I highly advise everyone to do this for themselves. It’s sold 3 copies so far, and that already made my day.


Drivethru pdf is live now!

The print version is waiting for approval, will update when that’s good to go.



Got it here, it’s looking so good! If I may still make a suggestion, reducing the padding in tables and making the fonts in them a bit bigger would help with readability inside them!


I’ll play around with that. Thanks for the feedback!


Beta 2.2 released. I’m going to keep the link active for another few more days here, so let me know what you think! If you’ve already purchased it on itch or drivethru, thanks for the support! Updates on the official files are located at those sites!


Ok. Final beta released. I am going to leave things lie as they are for the next few months, and re-evaluate at that time. If you’ve already purchased, please grab the latest and greatest down from drivethru or itch. I’ve also uploaded the latest files in the google drive folder linked in the OG post above, and will leave that live for a few more days. If you have any feedback, please send it my way!

Thanks again!


Softcover POD released and available now for $9. Add on the pdf for a buck! Thanks again to everyone!


Annnnnnd…… ordered!!! :smiley: