Blending old magic with new


This is my idea for blending the magic classes from the Core and Worlds books with the new magic system. I would have all spell casting classes start off with three spells. The Core/Worlds classes would still cast their spells with no hp cost. The Fragment and Mage classes could also learn 1st level spells from the Magic book and cast them with no cost but only at power level 1. The Priest/Zurin class could operate under the Core rules or as a Wis version of one of the Magic classes. I am curious to hear other opinions on blending the Core with Magic rules.


I’ve done what @Alex suggested and treat the Core spells as lvl1 spells and divide them by Type when learned/found. Then use POWER LEVEL to increase damage with an extra die per POWER, add to the duration or general effectiveness of the Spell. Like the Divine Shield giving an extra heart of shielding per POWER for example.


@GMagnus Did you do the same with WIS powers?


Do you have a converter/guide on which spells go in which magic type?


Well yeah you get to choose which Stat is your casting Stat right? Depending on how you skin your character


No but I decide on the fly if anyone wants one.
Also the CHA Spell Battlecry from the Commander went into MIND for example


What I meant was did you modify any WIS spells like adding power levels and such?


Take the first Armor of Faith as an example.
LVL 1… Let’s say ENERGY (maybe another one fits better)
Effect: +3 to Armor
Duration: 1 ROUND per POWER


Cool, thanks for the explanation. :herocoin: