BladeRunner Hack and its Character sheet for EZD6



Ahoy Shields!

I’m in the making of a BladeRunner hack for EZD6 based on Free League’s BladeRunner RPG (
The reason is:

  • EZD6 rules are simple and easy to hack
  • EZD6’s system is the etalon for Setting Neutrality, in the good way.
  • FL’s BladeRunner had captured the tone and fantasy of the movies brilliantly for me, but I want to easily play with RPG beginners, who love the movies.

I thought I share it with you, maybe for some inspiration and feedback. I share my Character sheet for it also. Where I use exactly the same rules from the RPG, I write “Same as in the BR RPG Book”, if you are interested, please buy the book. :slight_smile:

With only 3 new mechanic from BR RPG, we are able to handle the BladeRunner mood and setting:

  • Resolve: basically Strikes for the Mind.
  • Promotion and Humanity points: similar for an experience system, you can spend them to gain Boons and Inclinations.
  • A little change in the Aspects concept.

First here is my custom character sheet:

And now, the setting mechanics going through the sheet:

  • ORIGIN (Species) - You can be either

    • Human: as a human you get 4 Heart and 4 Resolve (more on that later), and you are more easily promoted (more on that later), so can pick up one bonus specialty (inclination)
    • Replicant: you get 5 Heart and 3 Resolve, and you ignore the first Damage (Strike) you get in a scene.
  • ARCHETYPE (Hero Path) - you can be the Archetypes in the BladeRunner RPG:

    • Analyst: You are the master of chemistry, pathology, ballistics, criminology, biology etc… You home is the Lab.
      • you are suggested to be Skilled (get a Boon) in tasks requiring (Choose three) - Intelligence, Observation, Medical Aid, Technology.
      • You are suggested to choose one from the following Specialties (Inclination): Gearhead, Insider, Scientist.
    • Cityspeaker (only for Humans): The stereotypical spy with connection everywhere in the City.
      • You are skilled in task needing (Choose 3): Charisma, Mobility, Connections, Insight.
      • You are suggested to choose one from the following Specialties: Gutter Rat, Origami.
    • Doxie (only for Replicants): Hyper-aware and self-controlled, master of manipulation and infiltration.
      • Suggested skills: Stealth, Hand-to-Hand combat, Mobility, Manipulation
      • Suggested specialties: Fast Reflexes, Interrogator
    • Enforcer: The stereotypical grunt
      • Suggested skills: Force, Hand-to-Hand combat, Firearms, Stamina
      • Suggested specialties: Fast Reflexes, Killer, Hardened
    • Fixer: The knower of the system, the finder of the loopholes.
      • Suggested skills: Connections, Manipulation, Insight
      • Suggested specialties: Cashflow, Insider, Protected
    • Inspector: The quintessential detective, the walking Voight-Kampf machine.
      • Suggested skills: Firearms, Observation, Connections
      • Suggested specialties: Married-to-the-Job, Smokes
    • Skimmer (only for Humans): The dirty cop, walking safe on the slippery slop.
      • Suggested skills: Firearms, Connections, Manipulation
      • Suggested specialties: Cashflow, Kickbacks, Sycophant

    • Key Relationship: Just like in the BR RPG - A key NPC in your life - Use the table in the book.
    • Key Memory: Just like in the BR RPG - a significant memory, what defines your character - Use the table in the book
  • SKILLS (Boons) - these are example skills from BR, but make up what you wish to - Connections, Driving, Firearms, Force, Hand-to-Hands Combat, Insight, Manipulation, Medical Aid, Mobility, Observation, Stamina, Stealth, Tech

    • You can have 2 Boons in a Skill
    • You can choose 3 Boons when making a character
    • You can PUSH a skill check to gain Boon on the roll, but you lose a point of Resolve
    • Some trauma or other effect may impose Bane on certain Skills (Hand-to-Hand Combat with broken hand etc.).
  • SPECIALTIES (Inclinations) - Here are some example Inclinations:

    • Bodyguard: if an ally is being attacked in NEAR range, you can intercept and take the hit. Roll a Mobility check against the enemy’s attack.
    • Cashflow, off-the-book source: Every time your Wealth is decreased to Cashpoor, you go back to Moderate.
    • Controlled: You have boon on rolls against Stress.
    • Counselor: Once per day, you can take a Resolve point from another character by talking to them for a few minutes.
    • Fast reflexes: You always comes first in the first round.
    • Gearhead: You can choose a second Signature item.
    • Gutter Rat: Same as in the BR RPG Book.
    • Hip flask: Once per day you can heal a point of Resolve by chugging.
    • Hardened: You have boon on Save rolls.
    • Insider: You get resources easier from the LAPD.
    • Interrogator: same as in the BR RPG Book.
    • Kickbacks: You know the Black Market in an out.
    • Killer: You have a boon rolling Critical hits.
    • Married to the Job: You suffer less stress when not taking rest.
    • Martial Arts: Armed foes don’t have boon, if you are unarmed.
    • Musician: Same as in the BR RPG Book.
    • Origami: Once per day, you can fold an origami figure healing you for a point of Resolve.
    • People Person: Same as in the BR RPG Book.
    • Protected: You can avoid being demoted with a successful Connection roll.
    • Scientist: Same as in the BR RPG Book.
    • Sniper: Same as in the BR RPG Book.
    • Sycophant: Same as in the BR RPG Book.
      ○ Etc.
  • EQUIPMENT - You get

    • starting gear from the LAPD:
      • Badge: a key personalized for you. It is scannable. You must carry it interacting in service.
      • .357 Subcompact (You can use it Close range but not more than Near) or PK-D Blaster (You can’t use it in Close range)
      • KIA (Knowledge Integration Assessment): Multi-tool for recording, scanning replicant codes etc. Personal smart computer.
      • Detective Special Spinner: Floating vehicle (Book).
    • and a Signature Item: once per session you can heal a point of Resolve looking at it.
  • HEALTH - same as in EZD6. With a successful Medical Aid check (if you have Medical Kit), you can stabilize and heal someone. Humans heal 1 Health per day, Replicant heals 2 Health per day. There are Hit that you need to roll Save against (e.g. Internal bleeding, punctured lung etc.), and there are some Hits that kill you outright (like piercing through the heart).

  • RESOLVE - indicates how you handle Stress, and events that are seen as a trauma for the character. When such event occurs you must roll a stress check, or a Save, and if you fail for suffer a point of Resolve loss. It’s different for every characters (DM’s discretion: e.g. seeing torture for an Enforcer imposes no stress roll, but for an Analyst it does). When your Resolve goes to 0, you are mentally broken. When you’re Mentally Broken, you suffers a Critical Stress effect like collapse on the ground, going in a frenzy etc (I use the table from the Book). You gain 1 Resolve after resting, or you can come out from the stress effect immediately if someone is around to help (Manipulation check).

  • GRIT - Same as Karma.

  • RunnerDie - Same as Hero Die.

Promotion and Humanity act as experience points, as milestones of character progress:

  • PROMOTION - If you are doing your duty, solving cases, reporting etc., then you gain Promotion points, what you can spend after the session. Replicants get a Promotion point when the succeed the Baseline Test. You can also lose Promotion points when you break rules. Your character start with d6 Promotion Points (shows how long is he/she at the LAPD) Things you can spend your Promotion points:

    • Get a Specialty for 5 points
    • You can request special gear from LAPD
    • You can request Chinyen, representing you’re pushing for a raise. (DM’s discretion)
  • HUMANITY - You can get Humanity Points for doing acts out of compassion and humanity. You start with 0. You get Humanity point if you interact authentically with your Key Memory and Relationship. Replicants can get Humanity points when the fail a Baseline Test. You can spend you Humanity Points to gain Skills (Boons):

    • 5 point for the first Boon
    • 10 point for the second Boon
  • CHINYEN - your currency. You can buy gear, bribe people etc. You can use the EZD6 or BR RPG currency system either.

Chase similar as the Book
Use the Maneuvers rules from the Book, go with oppoesed Drving Skill checks.

Baseline Test similar as the Book
The Replicant needs to take a Baseline Test when:

  • Got Broken by Stress
  • He lost Promotion Points and got to 0.
  • When the Adventure calls for a Baseline Test.

The Test is an Insight check which gets:

  • Boon if your Resolve is max
  • Bane if your Resolve is 1
    If you succeed: You get a Promotion Point.
    If you fail: You get a Humanity Point, but lose a Promotion Point.
    You can’t fail too much, use the rules from the Books: verbal warning - recalibration - retirering.

And last but not least here is a random character:

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to share. :slight_smile:

Game on!


This looks awesome! Do you have any plans to publish more formally at some point?



What do you think under ‘publish it more formally’? ( e.g. after playtested it more, do I do a cleaner, edited .pdf and publish it here? )


A cleaner/edited PDF would be awesome! I don’t pretend to know what the best ways to publish that would be, but I would totally put up a few bucks toward that kind of effort.


It’s really good to hear. :slight_smile:
I think I don’t have the knowledge nor the skill or the copyright to public it to DriveThru or different forum. I think your best shot is the Blade Runner RPG book from FreeLeague (link in the post), and apply some mechanict to your game. :slight_smile: Dave Thaumavore has a great video about it:

If I do a clean and edited PDF I will message you :slight_smile: I like do share my works for free, it’s only my passion yet. :slight_smile: