I try to make this as neutral as possible but still keep the theme.


Just some random ideas…

SMITE: just an idea to make it a bit more epic: Sacrifice your life (HP cost to be defined) to add ultimate effort to weapon effort to the next successful attack. This form of self-sacrifice should fit the Abrahamic religion / Paladin stereotype. Power-at-a-cost is usually a good tool to build epic play sessions.

BOOK OF FAITH: wis spell don’t use inventory space, so the book is less usefull for a wis spellcaster than the original version was for an INT spellcaster. My version of a book of faith would have a concealed gun with silver bullets :slight_smile:

BOOK OF FAITH (v2): just another random silly idea: make it a flying book that incant psaums, prayers, or similar (a bit like a buff drone).