Black Light for ICRPG



How I would interpret Technology (Type) under Tool Kit is that you take TOOL KIT as the piece of starting equipment and then you declare a type of technology that you have a tool kit for. Maybe you have a toolkit filled with navigational and gps equipment (GPS Technology). Maybe you always keep a set of Scuba Gear in the trunk of your car (SCUBA Technology). Maybe you have an electrian’s toolkit with all the stuff you need to climb the nearest telephone pole and connect into the local landlines.


I don’t want to speak for Mark completely, but I’m with Kane on this one. Lock picks. Listening/surveillance equipment. Forensics kit. Parachute. Tracking device. Breaching equipment. Standard toolbox (fix, repair, disable). Hacking equipment. Super powered binoculars/infrared/ultraviolet. Climbing gear (ice axe, pitons, rope, and crampons). Basically, I would allow anything that makes a particular task easy for that agent. You just have to work with your DM to specify the task and the particular toolset that gives you an advantage in that area.


Thank you guys (Kane and Alex), you helped a lot.
P.S. Alex I’am the DM :wink:


Love it. I’m sure it is an epic game!!!


Yup, that’s correct. What’s a tech guy without his bag of tech tricks? This would be a conversation between player and DM on what makes sense for the character.


Any plans to update it to the Mastery version?


No current plans for Mastery Edition update.


I’m glad I read the fine print. I’m running Master Edition and almost bought this. I’m sure it converts easily enough, but I’m strapped for time. Would love to see a Master Edition version. Modern Horror is my favorite game genre (be it World of Darkness, Monster of the Week, Sigil & Shadow, Liminal, etc); I’d buy the hell out of a print version of this.

Edit: Shadymutha posted just as I did. Bummed to hear that, but also understandable. :slight_smile:


There’s something slithering in your DMs.


Appreciate you! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: Big time.