Black Light (An ICRPG Conversion of Delta Green)


I’ve been hammering away on translating Delta Green over to ICRPG. For those unfamiliar, Delta Green is a modern day Cthulhu Mythos setting that is heavily on skill-based and has a lot of investigation. The game is phenomenal however I wanted to streamline it following ICRPG principles.

Attacking the project I knew I had to reduce the amount of skills and turn them into Tags. The most challenging part, though, was capturing the Sanity mechanic and gearing it more towards campaign play while still devolving the PC’s ability to cope and react to a world they’re increasingly losing their grip on.

This is still a work in progress but it’s definitely playable for those of you willing to risk their Sanity. As you peruse and play the game, please hit me with your feedback. This is my first time converting a system and I appreciate anything constructive you have to share.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank @Kindred (super sweet cover, man!) @Dave_Thaumavore and @Ezzerharden for their feedback during development.

Here ya go you hopeless lumpy heads…

OPERATION: Blood Orange (A Game of Investigation & Horror)
OPERATION: Blood Orange (Black Light)
Between the Stars
Black Light / OPERATION: Blood Orange

Before I even open the file… I am excite!


Now that I’ve had a first flip through… Iä! Iä! This looks out frickin standing!

Thank you for sharing this with the shield wall!


Looks amazing! Great job :slight_smile:


Wow, dude! This is effing sweet! Take a Hero Coin, my dude. :herocoin:



Next major thing I gotta do is write up an intro adventure for folks so they can just get playing with it.


This is some epic shit right here!!


I’m really glad you’re are digging it. If you play it, please send feedback so we can improve that epic shit into legendary shit.


@Kindred has created and shared another Character Sheet for the game. Available at link in the original post. Thanks, man.


Awesome. I just heard about Delta Green thanks to Dave Thaumore (so) and was really interested. It’s too dark for my play group but your use of tags is really answering a need I have for my game.

So thanks for that and keep on keeping on!


This is awesome, great work! Cant wait to play a session with my group. Probably do a evenings oneshot to start with.


If you do, please let us know how it goes.


I can’t download the file. Has it been deleted?


I can’t access it either.


Yes. It was the very first iteration that had been posted here. It’s been completely rewritten, run through multiple play testing scenarios, and should be re-released shortly. Thanks for the interest and patience. My hopes is that you’ll really enjoy the new version. I’ve enjoyed writing and running it…


Sounds great. Please link here when ready. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it.


Any updates for blacklight?


Thank you! I’ll read it over. :slight_smile: